Epic Games brings back Fortnite OG weapon, but with a twist

Epic Games returned a fan-favorite weapon
Epic Games brought back a fan-favorite Fortnite weapon (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite OG weapons were completely removed from the game with the release of Chapter 3. While it has brought numerous amazing features, including a new map, many still miss the weapons that were available in the first chapter.

The Legendary Assault Rifle, better known as the SCAR, used to be an iconic Fortnite Battle Royale weapon. However, it was vaulted at the start of the chapter, along with the Pump Shotgun, the Tactical Shotgun, and a few other weapons.

Epic Games has drastically changed the loot pool and tried to replace Fortnite OG weapons. Some of the new ones were good, but most were simply disappointing and almost unusable.

Fortunately, Chapter 3 Season 4 has brought back a popular Fortnite OG weapon, but with a different model and name.

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Fortnite OG weapon comes back with Chapter 3 Season 4

The Tactical Shotgun is one of the most popular Fortnite OG weapons. It was released with the very first version of the game and its fire rate was extremely popular among casual players.

Back when the game was first released, there were only two versions of the shotgun. The Pump Shotgun was mostly used by skilled players who were capable of one-shotting enemies with it, while the Tactical Shotgun was used by casuals who loved its fire rate.

With the release of Chapter 3 Season 4, Epic Games has brought the Tactical Shotgun back. The Fortnite OG weapon returns with a different name and 3D model.

"The Tac" was the most reliable Fortnite OG weapon back in Chapter 1 (Image via Epic Games)
"The Tac" was the most reliable Fortnite OG weapon back in Chapter 1 (Image via Epic Games)

Branded as the EvoChrome Shotgun, Epic released the weapon on Sunday, September 18. It turns out that the new shotgun has the same stats as its tactical predecessor.

Shortly before the new season was released, there were a lot of rumors about the Fortnite development team bringing back "The Tac." This turned out to be true, but Epic Games put a twist on it.

Here's a complete comparison of the two shotguns and their Legendary (Gold) rarities:

StatEvoChrome ShotgunTactical Shotgun
Fire Rate1.51.5
Magazine Size8 8
Reload Time5.135.13

As visible, the EvoChrome Shotgun is identical to the Tactical Shotgun in raw stats. The only difference is the bullet spread and the crosshair design.

What's even more fascinating is that the stats are identical in every other rarity. For example, both shotguns deal 85 damage and have a reload time of 5.7 seconds in Rare (Blue) rarity.

EvoChrome Shotgun is incredible

While the EvoChrome Shotgun may never be as popular as its Fortnite OG counterpart, it's simply amazing. It's extremely deadly from close range and players don't have to worry about upgrading it.

One aspect that makes EvoChrome weapons special is its ability to self-upgrade. To benefit from this, players simply need to use these weapons to hurt enemies.

EvoChrome Shotgun can be obtained from Chrome Chests (Image via Epic Games)
EvoChrome Shotgun can be obtained from Chrome Chests (Image via Epic Games)

The EvoChrome Shotgun can be obtained from floor loot and Chrome Chests. To evolve it easily, players can deal damage to knocked opponents, wildlife, and even NPCs. The new shotgun can reach the Mythic rarity, which makes it extremely valuable in Chapter 3 Season 4.

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