Fortnite adds secret animation that works only with Spider-Gwen, here's how

Spider-Gwen's emote has a unique animation for her (Image via Epic Games)

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 update arrived a few days ago, bringing all the classic seasonal changes with it. New skins, new challenges, new POIs and more have all finally been added. As always, many of the Battle Pass characters are exciting, enticing players to try and unlock them as fast as possible.

As has been the case with several Battle Passes in the past, the 10th page is filled with collaborative items. Last season, it held all of Darth Vader's cosmetics, and Spider-Man's the season before that.

This season, it's Spider-Gwen, although an alternative style is available from Page 2. The full page has the emote, glider, back bling, and everything else Epic Games has included.

Her emote from that page is not locked to her skin, but it does have a special animation for Fortnite players who use it with her equipped. Check it out below:

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Fortnite Arachrobatics: How Spider-Gwen's emote has a unique animation for her

The emote is called Arachrobatics, fitting with the spider theme for Gwen's cosmetics. It is available for seven battle stars on Page 10 and has no other prerequisites than reaching that page.

It can be used on any character, so anyone from Evie to Agent Jonesy can flip around like Spider-Gwen would. However, it's clearly designed to go with Gwen, since there's even a secret animation for her.

Spider-Gwen's unique cel-shading, mirroring the design from Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, is extremely unique. It's currently the only skin in the game that has it (though it's likely that the leaked Miles Morales skin will also have it).

She's also the only skin with the special animation for Arachrobatics. When used on a normal character, there's no "glitching" and it's a very smooth animation. When Gwen uses it, however, it's a little bit slower and easier to see the frames go by.

Spider-Gwen and her cosmetics (Image via YouTube/Branii)
Spider-Gwen and her cosmetics (Image via YouTube/Branii)

She also has a little bit of a glitch, likely a reference to her being in a different universe. In Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, characters like Gwen, who were transported to a new universe, began glitching.

It's a really nice Easter egg for fans of the animated movie and a good reason to equip these two cosmetics together.

How to unlock Spider-Gwen and all her cosmetics

The Fortnite Battle Pass requires players to spend battle stars (earned by leveling up) to unlock cosmetics on each page. At a certain level or amount of purchases, the next page unlocks.

Spider-Gwen, unmasked, is available from Page 2, but everything else is on Page 10. That ultimately means that Fortnite players will have to earn 500 battle stars to unlock it all.

Each level gives five battle stars, and level 100 has every cosmetic available. There are ways to prioritize and spend on cheaper things while unlocking new pages, but to get everything, level 100 is necessary.

However, it's not necessary to get Arachnarobics to pair with the unmasked version of Fortnite Spider-Gwen, though. That can be done around level 90, give or take.

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