Fortnite Banana: UEFN map code, how to play, and more

Fortnite Banana: UEFN map code, how to play, and more
Fortnite has now received the viral Banana game in Creative mode. (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite has become a cultural hub for many players, integrating various elements from pop culture into its ever-expanding metaverse. This has been specially enhanced with the implementation of Creative mode and UEFN. In that spirit, players can create experiences that integrate popular topics and elements from the zeitgeist into the game's massive ecosystem.

Such is the case with the Banana map, designed by creator Rabies. It brings the Banana game that has been making noise in the gaming community to the Creative catalog in a unique twist on a Tycoon map.

This article will break down how you can find the Banana map in-game and engage in one of the simpler experiences the game has to offer.

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Everything you need to know about the Fortnite Banana map

UEFN map code

The Banana map in-game (Image via Epic Games)
The Banana map in-game (Image via Epic Games)

Since the Banana game has been garnering a lot of attention from players on Steam, the Creative map recreating the Banana game has been gaining traction among players in the community. However, if you are unable to find the map, you can head to the search icon in the top left corner of the main Fortnite Battle Royale lobby.

Here, you will see a search bar prompting you to enter the designated UEFN map code for the Banana map: 1399-5642-3751. Once you have entered the assigned map code, hit select/confirm. This will change your current game mode to the Banana map, and you can now queue in a public or private lobby.

How to play

You can click away to earn Banana coins. (Image via Epic Games)
You can click away to earn Banana coins. (Image via Epic Games)

Once you load into a match on the Banana map, you will spawn in a massive arena filled with desktops and options to purchase Banana skins. There are different ways you can earn Banana coins, with the map providing you with various desktops that you can access and click to earn coins, much like the actual Banana game.

However, if you want a more passive way to earn coins, take to the dance floor and perform an emote from the game's long list of emotes to earn two Banana coins per second. Using the Banana coins, you can purchase different looks and cosmetics for your banana.

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