How to get Black Master Chief skin in Fortnite?

Players can get the black variant of Halo's Master Chief skin using these steps (Image via Reddit/AdvancedMink5217)
Players can get the black variant of Halo's Master Chief skin using these steps (Image via Reddit/AdvancedMink5217)
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Fortnite draws influence from several pop culture properties to create concepts around their in-game cosmetics and events. However, sometimes these influences turn into official collaborations from movies, TV shows, comics, or even other video games.

Ever before the Battle Royale genre became mainstream, Halo was dominating the multiplayer gaming space in competitive and streaming aspects. It was a given for Epic to include Halo's protagonist, Master Chief, amongst the in-game collab skins.


Hence, featuring in the Gaming Legends series, Master Chief finally made an appearance in the game, with Fortnite Boss Donald Mustard officially making an announcement at the 2020 Game Awards.

The collab also featured an exclusive Blood Gulch creative map where players can relive old Halo memories. However, as the skin dropped, another selectable style of the skin was kept exclusive for Xbox players.

How to get Black Master Chief skin in Fortnite?


Players need to have owned that skin beforehand to get the black selectable style for the Master Chief skin.

Once the player, regardless of whether any platform, has the skin in their locker, they must create an XBOX Live account and link it to their Epic Games account.

After that, the steps are fundamental. Players will need to download the Xbox Cloud gaming app on their phones and log into their XBOX Live account. Once that is done, they can search for Fortnite and launch the game.

The Master Chief Pack for @FortniteGame is currently live! Lock it in, and play around on your Xbox Series X|S to unlock the matte black style.

As soon as the game is launched, players will need to bypass the title screen by tapping on the respective button and then play a match of Battle Royale. Upon doing so, they will receive a message on the lobby screen for an additional reward.

On opening it, they will be able to see the Matte Black variant of the Master Chief skin, which is an ode to the old Halo series before they switched to the green one.

I got my Xbox Series X all set up! And look! I've finally have the cool black colored armor skin of The Master Chief in Fortnite! Yes! The cool armor skin is finally mine! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’– #Halo #Fortnite #TheMasterChief

However, players were more hyped to receive the black matte variant of the skin as it looks cooler, and there haven't been many skins like that in the game before.

Nevertheless, the community has always appreciated everything Fortnite has attempted to do with collabs with other video games, and doing it with Halo has just raised the bar.

What are Gaming Legends skin series?


Gaming Legends skins in Fortnite have been around ever since Psycho Bandit from Borderlands was released in Chapter 1 Season X. Players have seen the arrival of iconic characters ranging from Kratos to Ezio Auditore.

Apart from these, characters from games like Street Fighter, Lara Croft, Resident Evil, and Arcane: League of Legends have also made an appearance in the game that has encouraged loopers to buy these skins and flaunt their favorite video game characters in the battle.

However, there have been several backlashes from the other side of the player base that find serious characters like Kratos doing cheesy emotes in the game that don't suit the character's overall persona.

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