Fortnite Chapter 3 Collision Live Event: Mecha arm may crack open Rifts during the event

Mecha is all ready for the battle that lies ahead (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
Mecha is all ready for the battle that lies ahead (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
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Matthew Wilkins

Mecha is finally up and running at full capacity in Fortnite. The robot will take center stage during the live event, which will determine the fate of the island and perhaps reality itself. After being retrofitted with Seven's technology, it is likely to perform better in combat.

Since they wanted Mecha to be in top shape for the showdown, it might have received a few upgrades. For instance, the Crew Pack Showcase reveals it has twin blades for harvesting tools. These weapons might feature in the actual robot in-game as well. But that is not the main attraction, or even the most impressive upgrade.

Using Gunnar's Pickaxes with the newly release Crew Pack skin exposes that heart core that is originally hidden via the chest plate Image VIA @jetisgaming

As spotted by dedicated fans, Mecha's left arm - the wrist to be more precise - looks awfully similar to The Seven's rocket design. It is the same one used to open a rift back in Fortnite Chapter 1. Rumor now has it that the device is going to do something similar this time around.

Fortnite's Mecha gets a reality-bending upgrade

Mecha, in its humble form, is a lean-fighting machine. It is armed with rockets, protected by thick armored plating, and can even use Zero Point's power to pack a mean punch. Additionally, for close-range combat, there is also the sword, which can cut opponents down to size.

All in all, the robot is a formidable combatant, even for the Imagined Order. However, since it would be hubris to underestimate them, it seems that The Seven may have added a rift generator to Mecha.

Omg that arm has the same device of the rocket… so the Mecha is able to make rifts!#Fortnite #FortniteSeason3

Since objects can come through rifts, perhaps The Seven plans on using them to bombard The Collider with debris. It can even be used to open micro-rifts to travel across the island itself, or to escape. When it comes to Fortnite, imagination has very few limitations.

However, before getting too excited and reaching a conclusion, readers need to note that this may not be the case. Although installing a rift generator would make sense, it may just as easily merely be placed there for aesthetics.

So the newly added left arm of the Mecha has some simalirities with The Seven their Rocket design 😳

With resources stretched thin, it may also be possible that part of a discarded rocket was used to build the wrist. Perhaps it was used to pay homage to the lore of the game. Unfortunately, no one will know the truth until the live event takes place. Nevertheless, there is one more burning question on everyone's mind.

Will Mecha use The Zero Point again in Fortnite?

I found another peculiarity, they both clench the fist with the right hand, which is the one with which the mecha destabilized the zero point.It’s something stupid I know #Fortnite #FortniteFlipped #FortniteChapter3

Mecha used the energy from The Zero Point to knock out Cattus. It is clear that the robot was built to withstand powerful energy surges. With The Collider showing signs of Zero Point's energy, it's likely that history may repeat itself in a way during the live event.

This time around, rather than absorbing the energy from The Zero Point directly. Mecha may tap into The Collider and siphon off the energy from it. While there is no conclusive evidence to validate the same, Epic Games is bound to give fans a live event to remember, regardless.

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