Fortnite Chapter 3: M.S. Dhoni, WWE, Chevrolet, and 5 other odd collaborations we may get in 2022

Odd Fortnite collaborations: M.S. Dhoni, Chevrolet, WWE, etc. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Odd Fortnite collaborations: M.S. Dhoni, Chevrolet, WWE, etc. (Image via Sportskeeda)

Epic Games is trying to create a Fortnite metaverse with as many collaborations as possible. The ultimate goal is to have everything that people are looking for inside a single game. Ranging from music and sports to movies and other games, developers are open to a range of possibilities.

In terms of collaborations, 2021 was a fantastic year for the game. Players saw great characters from The Mandalorian to Naruto join the roster. Moreover, Ariana Grande performed a Fortnite concert in Chapter 2 Season 7. Given these high-profile collaborations, fans are always on the lookout for the next one.

Epic Games has recently sent out a survey asking survey takers what franchises/services/characters they like. These surveys usually help gauge what might come to the game in the future but are NOT confirmation of anything.Thanks @mattsky2211 for letting me know about this!

Possible odd Fortnite Chapter 3 collaborations

A recent Fortnite survey asked players what franchises/services/characters they liked. This included several shows, movies, sports personalities, and music artists, among others. But some of these seem a bit odd for a battle royale game.

8) M.S. Dhoni

Watching a popular Indian cricketer as a Fortnite skin is undoubtedly unsettling. Dhoni has millions of fans across the world. However, he has never shown any keen interest in Fortnite. He is also not a popular figure among the usual Fortnite demographic, making him a poor crossover choice.

@BCCI @EdRichards7345 chahal and dhoni are 100% playing fortnite as well

7) Chevrolet

It is hard to imagine a possible Fortnite Chevrolet collaboration. This could include cars from the auto manufacturer as vehicles in the battle royale game. However, there are hardly any opportunities for Chevrolet skins, making this an odd collab.

oh bandolette, my chevrolet. #fortnite

6) WWE

FORTNITE X WWE CONECPT!!!WWE Wrestlers play characters after all so it's fitting to give them their own rarity with alot of skins too! #FortniteArt #FortniteConcept #FortniteSeason7 #WWExfortnite #WWE

WWE in Fortnite could still be an exciting and popular collaboration. Playing as popular wrestlers, such as The Undertaker, John Cena, and The Rock, will be highly nostalgic for many. It will undoubtedly be fun watching these bulky wrestlers in a battle royale game. Epic can also introduce their popular finisher moves as emotes.

5) Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The protagonist of Diary of a Wimpy Kid could undoubtedly be an exciting skin choice. The battle royale game already has 2D skins and Toona Fish. Therefore, another cartoon-style 2D skin, such as the Fortnite Wimpy Kid skin, will only add to the odd collection.

All kids talk about now a days is fortnite, go read a damn diary of a wimpy kid for God sakes

4) PewDiePie

A strange inclusion in the survey was PewDiePie, the most subscribed 'influencer' on YouTube. While many fans would certainly love to see a Fortnite x PewDiePie collaboration, the YouTuber might not agree. On several occasions, PewDiePie has called out the game and has constantly criticized it for several reasons. Fortnite and PewDiePie are hardly a match.

3) The Crown

Rated one of the best shows on Netflix, The Crown certainly has a large audience. However, a Fortnite x The Crown collaboration is impossible. Adding a British royal as a skin in the battle royale game is certainly not going to be allowed, but there might be players who would still want to see this happen.

2) Rich Dad Poor Dad

@ItchyWilll Rich Dad Poor Dad is the weirdest addition on this list, it's apparently an autobiography about some billionaire giving financial advice, dunno how tf that would work in Fortnite or why Epic Games thought that was a good idea to begin with.

A New York Times bestselling book in Fortnite will be a joke to many. However, Epic Games somehow thinks it can pull off a Rich Dad Poor Dad collaboration. Regardless of its practicality, it certainly seems odd.

1) Apple TV+

The most comical inclusion in Epic Games' recently circulated survey was that of Apple TV+. In light of its recent dispute with the tech giant, a Fortnite x Apple collaboration certainly seems like a joke. However, for some reason, Epic Games asked fans if they wanted to see the subscription service collaborate with Fortnite.

Some of these Fortnite collaborations are certainly impossible, while others are hilarious. If any of these end up in the battle royale game, hardly any will buy these skins.

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