Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 weapons: What to expect

The SCAR might come back (Image via Epic Games)
The SCAR might come back (Image via Epic Games)

When Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 ends in a few days, many things will change in the game.

The map will likely undergo significant changes and look different than it does now. New characters will appear both on the island and on the Battle Pass. The storyline will also change and bring fresh themes.

One of the most overlooked aspects of a seasonal change in Fortnite is the change in loot. The loot pool in Chapter 3 Season 4 will likely feature some holdovers from the current season as well as new weapons and returning ones from older seasons.

There will be many new and returning weapons/throwables in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Many of the guns available in Fortnite right now will be in play next season. These include the Two-Shot Shotgun, the Striker Burst Assault Rifle, the Heavy Sniper Rifle, and the Stinger SMG. These weapons are free of major complaints from players, and it's very unlikely that Epic Games will completely redo the loot pool.

However, several weapons currently in the game will also not be available in the new season. The Charge SMG is widely considered one of the worst guns in Fortnite history. Epic Games has heard the complaints, so it's very likely that they will remove it.

The Charge SMG is a weapon that was recently added to Epic Games' battle royale sensation (Image via Epic Games)
The Charge SMG is a weapon that was recently added to Epic Games' battle royale sensation (Image via Epic Games)

The Ranger Assault Rifle might leave just to make room for others to come in. It is probably the least popular assault rifle in the game.

The Striker Pump Shotgun is also a prime candidate for removal, but not because it's bad. The original Pump Shotgun returned to the Late Game Arena, so it figures to be a part of the loot pool next season for all modes.

Pump shotgun returning to #Fortnite!!!

Speaking of classic Fortnite weapons, the SCAR seems like a likely candidate for a return. It was teased in the Chapter 3 Season 2 live event as the weapon that players used in their attack on Doctor Slone and the Imagined Order.

It will be a surprise if it doesn't return after being gone for a few seasons. It's a fan favorite that hasn't been used since Chapter 2 Season 8, so it's due for a comeback.


There have been a lot of throwables this season, ranging from smoke bombs to grenades. Most of them will not be available in the upcoming season. However, grenades are expected to remain in the game because they have been a constant for a long time.

There will probably be new healing items, but the classics will stay. This means Chug Splashes, Medkits, and bandages are all very likely to be part of the loot pool.

Epic Games likely has new weapons planned that no one has ever seen before. In recent seasons, they have added the Charge SMG, the Ranger Assault Rifle, and the Striker Burst Assault Rifle to the game. They probably have something similar up their sleeves for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

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