Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 gameplay reportedly leaked ahead of time

Developers have started teasing the upcoming events in Fortnite. (Image via Epic Games)
Developers have started teasing the upcoming events in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Aligning with speculation about Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, a new leak has surfaced in the community. Recently, a few ostensible screenshots of Chapter 4 Season 1 gameplay were posted online. The playerbase has since resorted to formulating theories and perusing details of the photographs.

Some POSSIBLE images of the final event and chapter 4! #Fortnite It is not known if it’s real or not!#Fortniteleaks #FortniteNews #FortniteFracture

The leaked images contain a few crude screenshots of what players believe is Chapter 4 Season 1 and the upcoming Fortnite Fracture live event. While there haven't been any significant developments pertaining to the speculation, the developers have officially started teasing the upcoming live event and chapter.

With Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 approaching its conclusion, the community is once again chock-full of speculation. Players are caught between navigating the labyrinth of fan theories and grinding to level up fast. The upcoming Fracture live event will usher the game into Chapter 4.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 content possibly leaked

Recent leaks have once again exacerbated the ongoing kerfuffle in the online community. This time around, these pertain to the alleged screenshots of Chapter 4's gameplay, including three low-quality images depicting a TV screen with different Fortnite scenes.

Received another image from the event. #Fortnite But take as a grain of salt as it could be fake!#Fortniteleaks #FortniteNews #FortniteFracture

The scenes depicted in the images show thick neon-esque foliage. While one photograph shows a character looking towards a forest, the other depicts giant portals in the sky and large objects falling from them. Both the images also bear the text Developer Fortnite Client.

The overall tonality of the leaks is very similar to the theme of Chapter 3 Season 3. While the pictures have certainly added fuel to the flame, the majority of players maintain that the images are fake. While the text in does hint towards the leak being from a developers' copy, the general consensus diverges from that.

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For now, readers should take the leaks with a grain of salt. The leaks have instigated a trend in speculation and now online forums like Twitter and Reddit are full of similar leaks.

Epic Games has started teasing the upcoming event

Although the leaks have become superfluous, players now have a dependent source, the developers. Epic Games recently shared a trailer that insinuates something is heading towards the island.

It’s a race to the finish line (...almost) 🏁#FortniteFracture

In the trailer, Mancake and Jules can be seen looking towards the sky with ominous background music. Similarly, at the peak situated on the North Western limit of the map, players can witness a few NPCs looking into the distance with telescopes and waving flags as if beckoning someone.

The developers are being evasive and haven't divulged any more information pertaining to the upcoming event. However, one can expect to see new developments and leaks in the next few days leading up to the Fracture live event.

Epic Games has also released a trailer for Rocket League. It depicts two cars colliding head-on, with an energy emanating from it that sends a shock across the landscape. The trailer ends on a cracking orb similar to that of the Herald.

Although the developers haven't established any connection between the trailer and the upcoming Fortnite events, players have started formulating theories and suggesting a correlation between the events.

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