Fortnite Creative AFK XP method may be permanently nerfed in Chapter 2 Season 8

The Fortnite Creative overhaul will introduce some major changes (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
The Fortnite Creative overhaul will introduce some major changes (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
Matthew Wilkins

Fortnite Creative mode is a fun way for players to explore different maps and earn XP. Despite the Discovery Tab being in shambles at the moment, the mode is a life saver for players looking to level up fast.

However, based on information from several leakers, the AFK XP method in Creative mode is going to be permanently nerfed. .

Epic will be adding the AFK system feature on Creative In v18.40, meaning if you stayed Afk without playing the XP will be blocked from that match and you won't gain anything at all.

Fortnite Creative AFK XP method may be patched out of the game soon

The AFK method to earn XP in Fortnite Creative mode has been one of the best XP farming methods in-game. Players could remain still for 75 minutes and earn 126,000 XP every 24 hours. However, this method of XP farming may soon be coming to an end.

According to iFireMonkey, during the v18.40 update, a lot of changes will be implemented to the Creative mode. The most drastic being the removal of the AFK XP farming.

Creative Mode will have an AFK detection system in v18.40

Based on this information, a brand new AFK detection system will be added to the Fortnite Creative mode. As the name suggests, the system will not boot users for being AFK but rather deny them any XP gain.

It may be possible to trick the system using maps that offer automated obstacle courses or something similar. However, if the system works by tracking a player's input on a mouse or keyboard, finding a workaround could be difficult.

How does the community feel about the changes being made to Fortnite Creative mode?

Much like the XP nerf fiasco that occurred at the start of Season 8, many are unhappy with these changes. The main gripe that players have against these nerfs is that the leveling-up system caters only to players who have the time to grind the game daily.


While children and teenagers may have a lot of time to play, those with jobs are restricted to the weekend or leisure hours. Taking these things into consideration, it's clear to see why removing the AFK XP method is not going to bode well with many.

On the flip side of things, some fans are not sure how this change will affect players this season. Based on the general consensus of players commenting on the tweet, most of them are between level 150 to 200 plus.

@iFireMonkey I don't really understand it's very easy to exp this season I'm already level 200 just by doing the daily punchcard everyday in 1 game
@avatar122333 @Sengakujimade @CaissieraQuick @iFireMonkey 250, just doing the weekly, daily, all punchcards and normal stuff, no glitches and after that I just play apex, idk why everyone it's mad, for something the points are called "EXPERIENCE" lmao

Removing the AFK XP method from Fortnite Creative mode hampers casual players from leveling up and may rub them the wrong way.

This will in turn force them to buy Battle Pass level up to unlock the remaining cosmetics. While it is unknown when Epic Games will roll this feature out, players are hoping that the developers will wait for the next Season/Chapter to implement these changes.

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