3 Fortnite emotes stuck in every players' head (& 3 that give everyone headaches)

Fortnite released emotes that became catchy while others were plain annoying (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite released emotes that became catchy while others were plain annoying (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rishabh Sabarwal

One of the many things that make Fortnite a fun experience is its emotes. Players are given the ability to express their feelings using emotes and make it a fun way to communicate with their teammates and opponents. New emotes are released in the Item shop daily to purchase and use in the Battle Royale.

From ultra-rare emotes like Fresh to the most used free emotes like Boogie Down, the community has shown its style using these emotes. While some have made the top of the list, others are just purely annoying to hear.

Fortnite emotes that loopers find addictive

1) Say So


Say So is an icon series emote released in Chapter 2 Season 4. As soon as it arrived in the item shop, users went bonkers. The emote features an Original track by Doja Cat.

It has a piece of addictive music and famous TikTok moves that made the community get it from the item shop in one go.

2) Renegade


This icon series emote is known for its groovy beats. Some players consider this a sweaty emote, and they use it after getting an elimination or a victory royale.

It features the song Lottery by K Camp and pays tribute to 14-year-old Atalanta teenager Jalaiah Harmon. This emote has been updated from Rare Rarity to its current Icon Series rarity.

3) Don't Start Now


Don't Start Now is a Dua Lipa song that went viral in 2020. A gentle beat with good music brought players happy vibes while playing the game and doing this emote.

However, it was last seen in October 2021. Gamers who did not purchase this emote are still waiting for it to come back.

Emotes that plain annoy loopers

1) Savage


There were a lot of mixed reactions to this emote. The community did not like the emote and thought it was a little inappropriate for Fortnite due to its obscene dance moves and repeated loop of a song that isn't that popular.

Some consider this emote as cringy and unworthy of being in their locker.

2) Paws and Claws


This rare emote was introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. It was a part of Tier 59 of the Battle Pass. At first, loopers liked this emote because of how silly it was, where they used to swing their paws in the air with a giant cat and "meow" on their opponents.

But that only lasted as long, as the music track of the emote started being annoying and unpleasant for loopers to hear all the time.

3) Planetary Vibe


Initially, this emote looked extraordinary to the loopers due to the addition of presumably the Galaxy revolving around the player. They were really keen to unlock this emote as it had an original track.

However, the song that accompanies it when played in a loop and the screen area this emote consumes around players made it highly disliked by the community.

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