Fortnite hints all but prove the imminent return of Kevin the Cube

Is Kevin the Cube on the way back? Image via Epic Games)
Is Kevin the Cube on the way back? (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite has had a lot of different story mechanics over the years as the overarching storyline has evolved and changed. When Drift first entered the metaverse through a rift with his golf cart, no one expected key storyline events to come out of that. Nevertheless, they did, and will continue to do so as the game progresses.

There have been a lot of different mechanics to push the story forward, namely the Zero Point. However, there is one that routinely pops up several times over the course of the first three chapters.

Kevin the Cube was influential in Fortnite Chapter 1 and returned at the end of Chapter 2 to make even more of a difference. Will Fortnite players see their beloved cube once again in Chapter 3? New hints suggest it is a real possibility.

Is Kevin the Cube returning to Fortnite in Chapter 3 Season 4?

Kevin the Cube has arguably been the second most important thing in the entire Fortnite metaverse to date. Nothing tops the Zero Point, which has been at the centerpoint of the storyline for several seasons now.

However, Kevin the Cube was possibly the most important piece of the puzzle in Chapter 1 and helped push the story into Chapter 3 when it returned in Chapter 2.

A return in Chapter 3 Season 4 makes perfect sense, and it just might be happening. HYPEX, one of the most reliable leakers in the Fortnite community, believes there is a real chance it does happen.

This might be a stretch but it actually makes sense 🥴 (Pointed out by "SJ-JUSTICE" and i remade + added stuff to the image)

There are clear teases and references to the cube in all its different forms. These could be fun Easter eggs for eagle-eyed players, but there is an equally good chance that it is a legitimate tease.

Epic Games rarely does anything without perfect intentionality. Every little thing usually comes back in some way, so the odds of this being a coincidence are very low.

#FortniteSeason3 I think the tree locations are goanna corrupt next season like Kevin the cube runes

There are a lot of rumors about what Chapter 3 Season 4 might hold. The prevailing theory is that it will be related to time travel in some way.

If time travel does play a role in the next season, then it would be a crime not to include Kevin the Cube. He has been an integral part of the past, so revisiting it should revisit Kevin.

It is also possible that Epic could continue using Kevin to move the storyline forward, which makes his return even more likely.

The fifth anniversary of the Battle Royale is coming up soon, shortly after the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. With that in mind, time travel or reminiscence season makes total sense.

Kevin the Cube was last seen in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 (Image via Epic Games)
Kevin the Cube was last seen in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 (Image via Epic Games)

Going back to the past or revisiting certain aspects of it leaves no doubt that Kevin the Cube will resurface. Unfortunately, until it gets much closer to the next season (Chapter 3 Season 3 ends on September 17), no one will truly know what the theme is.

Gamers do not know if their favorite cube is returning, but it does seem quite likely at this point.

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