Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 leaks: Motorcycles, 50v50 LTM, First Person mode, and more

Two weeks until Chapter 3 Season 4 begins (Image via Twitter/Storm_King__)
Two weeks until Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 begins (Image via Twitter/Storm_King__)

With Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 just two weeks away, there's a lot of anticipation surrounding the upcoming content. While Epic has not disclosed much, online leaks have given fans an idea of what to expect next season. According to HYPEX, the list is long and rather fascinating.

A new vehicle type will be added in-game alongside a brand new camera mode. An old nemesis might make a return, and the term battle royale is also getting a brand new meaning. That said, here's everything speculated to be added to the game in Chapter 3 Season 4.

Upcoming and expected content for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

1) Motorcycles

UPCOMING MOTORCYCLE VEHICLE πŸ”₯Epic began working on motorcycles recently which use the same animations as riding animals. It has 2 seats + you can boost & drift. Epic also added summer surfboards back but we don't know if it's for BR or Creative!

Shortly before No Sweat Summer could kick-off, it was discovered that Epic was working on in-game motorcycles. This vehicle type has long been requested, and many were excited about finally having it in Fortnite.

However, things never came to pass. Despite the files being actively worked on, motorcycles were never added to the game. According to HYPEX, players can expect the vehicle type to be added next season.

2) First-Person Mode

Recently, a brand new first-person mode was added to Fortnite Creative. This makes it easier to place items and assets with high accuracy. However, a new camera perspective is yet to be added to the main playlists. Since this is a major new feature, Epic usually reserves them for new seasons.

With Chapter 3 Season 4 just two weeks away, there's a strong possibility that Epic will also add the first-person mode to the battle royale playlists. While there's some debate about how it will function, there's no doubt that the developers will have thought of all possible issues before implementing it.

3) 50 versus 50 Zero Build

50v50 is set to return soon and it's marked as a DEFAULT mode with the name "Big Battle - Zero Build" but it's only 40v40 this time.It has SBMM, no respawn, the storm is more lethal, shorter matches, and you start with the OG Tac Shotgun + Burst AR + 4 Minis & 10 Bandages.

Long before the Zero Build mode was even drafted into ideation, the 50 versus 50 mode was the talk of the community. The two teams went head-to-head for supremacy on a fast-paced map.

A brand new 50v50 mode featuring Zero Build mechanics has been in development for some time now. According to numerous leakers, this new mode will be added once the new season starts. Some are even speculating that it may be a Fortnitemares special LTM. There's also speculation that this could be a 40v40 mode.

4) Storm King

The Storm King Boss was updated yesterday, possibly for a return this Halloween (Season 4)

The files pertaining to the Storm King were updated in-game in mid-August. Now, when files related to bosses are updated, they usually make an appearance in-game via an LTM or special event.

With Chapter 3 Season 4 falling in the Fortnitemares month, there's a strong possibility that the developers are updating the files with intent. Since this boss hasn't been seen in-game for quite some time, they might be bringing him back for Halloween.

5) Iron Man Gloves

Iron Man's Mythic Gloves were updated 2 days ago and the writer of the Fortnite x Marvel Zero War comics confirmed that we'll get a new Iron Man skin in the final issue πŸ”₯ (Thanks to @Justin_Neagle for letting me know)

Iron Man's mythic gloves were updated last month. It's unclear what changed, but according to the leakers, Epic did tweak a few things in the files. With the final issue of Fortnite x Marvel Zero War comics featuring a new Iron Man skin, it's safe to assume that the mythic will return in-game.

With the final issue going live on September 28, it falls well within Chapter 3 Season 4's timeline. However, how Epic will bring this mythic item into the game remains a mystery.

6) Hulkbuster aka Mech 2.0

We just got confirmation that Hulkbuster appears in the next Fortnite x Marvel comics with a Seven look and we know that Epic been working on a new Mech vehicle that can shoot, sprint & block. So he's probably the next Mech πŸ₯΄

A few days ago, the Hulkbuster was confirmed to be in the Fortnite x Marvel Zero War comics. As seen in a leaked comic strip, the mech could be seen standing next to Thor and engaging in a conversation. Given that Epic has been working on a mech for some time now, the Hulkbuster may just be Mech 2.0.

If true, it will feature an attack function alongside blocking and sprinting. At the moment, it's unclear how it will be brought into the game. Players will likely have to donate gold bars to summon the mech.

7) Halloween Goo Boss

First Season 4 (or whatever this is) teaser. Spotter by @gameshed_Maybe this is the Goo Boss I leaked a while ago..

Some time ago, HYPEX leaked some information about a boss for Fortnitemares. It was said to have a "goo effect" and "creature rise and summon" ability. Although the information made no sense at the time, there's now some ideation as to what it may be.

First found by community member gameshed_, a picture showcases a metallic hand rising out of what can only be best described as black goo or liquid metal. With Fortnitemares starting in Chapter 3 Season 4, this entity will likely be the Halloween Goo Boss. Unfortunately, there's no other information available about it at present.

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