Fortnite: How to damage opponents with a Sniper Rifle

One shot, one kill? (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
One shot, one kill? (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)

Snipers are some of the most complex and demanding weapons in Fortnite. While they can be used by anyone, taking full advantage of their traits is not something that every player can do. To master this class of weapons, players have to know exactly how to use them in combat.

Given how high the bar is placed for this weapon, most avoid it like the plague in-game. They would much rather settle for weapons like the Hammer Assault Rifle or use non-traditional combat items like Firefly Jars. However, when it comes to long-range combat, this is the best choice that developers have to offer.

Deal 500 damage using snipers to earn 15,000 XP in Fortnite (Image via iFireMonkey/Twitter)
Deal 500 damage using snipers to earn 15,000 XP in Fortnite (Image via iFireMonkey/Twitter)

Thus, to encourage players to use snipers in Fortnite, Epic Games is offering 15,000 XP as the reward for completing a relatively simple task. All players have to do is inflict a total of 500 damage using a sniper rifle during one match.

Dealing damage to opponents with snipers is satisfying to watch in Fortnite

Fortunately, there are two ways for players to complete this challenge. The first method is slower, but easier. The other option is faster, but requires precise aim. With that being said, here's how to damage opponents with a sniper rifle in Fortnite.

1) Heavy Sniper - Fast method

There are four rarities of the Heavy Sniper in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. It starts with Rare and goes all the way up to Mythic. Even though its primary function is to serve as an anti-vehicle and anti-build weapon, it does great against player characters as well.


Depending on the rarity of the weapon, players can inflict anywhere between 120 and 138 damage per shot. Clearly, these counts do not take headshots into consideration. What makes this weapon great is that there is no drop-off damage to shots. Irrespective of the distance from the target, the bullet will deal the same high damage.

So for those who want to be sneaky and shoot opponents over 100 meters away, this is the perfect weapon for the job. However, the only issue that's bound to arise is the bullet drop. However, with a bit of practice, this can be overcome with ease, making it the fastest way to complete this challenge.

2) Boom Sniper Rifle - Slow method

While the name may sound gimmicky in nature, this weapon does stay true to it. The Boom Sniper Rifle is more of a long-range grenade than a sniper. Each shot that hits the target can inflict 60 AOE damage. This is great when dealing with opponents inside buildings and those trying to run away.


To elaborate, since the weapon's primary damage is caused due to an AOE explosion, landing a shot near an opponent is good enough to get the job done. In fact, the weapon only deals 10 extra damage if the projectile actually hits the opponent.

This makes it great for players with bad aim or those who have just started playing Fortnite. Unfortunately, obtaining this weapon is not an easy task. Players will have to spend 600 gold bars to get their hands on it. Furthermore, with the AOE damage capped rather low, completing the challenge may take some time.

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