Fortnite: Kevin The Cube may return in Chapter 3 Season 4

Kevin The Cube
Kevin The Cube might return very soon (Image via Epic Games)

Kevin The Cube is a popular entity that was first released into Fortnite Battle Royale during Chapter 1 Season 5. The cube hasn't been seen in more than half a year, but it may return with the release of Chapter 3 Season 4.

The entity's comeback has been hinted at several times, and the latest one came with update version 21.50. Releasing on August 30, it added a couple of new things to the game, including a few important clues regarding the storyline.


Shortly after the update was released, some players noticed butterflies that had different colors. Since this is a trait shared by Fortnite cubes, this could be a hint at the return of Kevin The Cube next season.

Kevin The Cube could return to Fortnite in a few weeks

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is less than three weeks away. If everything goes according to plan, Epic Games will release the new season on Sunday, September 18. At the moment, its theme is unknown. However, there are some theories that the new season will be about time travel. Furthermore, Gwen Stacy has been leaked as one of its Battle Pass skins.

How exactly does Kevin The Cube fit into next season? No one really knows. However, the Fortnite entity is a source of power for the Last Reality, an evil organization that wants to destroy the world. The faction hasn't been seen since the end of Chapter 2. However, the Cube Queen may have returned to the island, as many members of The Seven have gone missing. Former Cube King The Origin was the latest one.

Shortly after the v21.50 update was released, Fortnite players noticed something unusual and interesting. There were several different colors of butterflies randomly flying over the island, one of which was purple, like Kevin The Cube. Moreover, gamers may also remember many other cubes that appeared during Chapter 2 Season 8, like the blue and the gold cube. Epic Games has released butterflies in these colors as well, which is definitely not a coincidence.

These recent changes make people think Kevin The Cube might be returning.


A brief history of Kevin

Back in the fifth season of Fortnite Battle Royale, a purple cube appeared on the island. It was summoned through a giant rift, which was in the sky, created by The Visitor's rocket.

Kevin The Cube kept slowly moving across the island before eventually reaching Loot Lake and dissolving into the water. This made the lake bouncy, and the cube returned for Season 6 during The Butterfly live event, which may support the butterfly-cube theory in Chapter 3.

Fortnite cubes haven't been seen since the end of Chapter 2 (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite cubes haven't been seen since the end of Chapter 2 (Image via Epic Games)

The purple cube was gone for a few seasons until its eventual return in Season X, where it was found under the floating island. After this appearance, Kevin The Cube was gone for almost two years and finally appeared at the end of Chapter 2 Season 7. It played a huge role in the last season of the previous chapter, helping the Cube Queen gain a lot of power before trying to destroy the island. Fortunately, her plans failed, but Kevin hasn't been seen since then.

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