Fortnite leak confirms Dr Slone sand version is arriving in Chapter 4

Doctor Slone will soon return to Fortnite (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
Doctor Slone will soon return to Fortnite (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

A new version or variant of Doctor Slone has seemingly been confirmed to arrive sometime in Fortnite Chapter 4. While many are speculating that the character will be featured in the current season, that may not be the case for several reasons. But before getting to that, let's talk about the upcoming Doctor Slone Outfit.

According to leakers, this version of the character has something to do with sand. It's called "Character_InnovatorSand" in the game files, and the cosmetic bundle will feature an Outfit, Back Bling, and Harvesting Tool. However, MatrixGames mentioned that this could change when she is added to the Item Shop.

'Sandy' Doctor Slone could be snapshot of original character in Fortnite Chapter 4

And if it's war they want, we'll give it to 'em!This season has been a blast so far, had a bit of time so I had to make some art starting with Doctor Slone because she looks amazing! Hope you all enjoy!@FortniteGame #FortniteSeason7 #Fortnite

Coming to the 'sand' part, the Outfit, this version of Doctor Slone that is, looks radically different from her Imagined Order and Snow Stealth variants. Rather than looking like a part of the IO, she looks like a snapshot from a different reality within the metaverse.

She seems to be able to control, or to some level, manipulate sand. Her forearms are also very likely made out of sand or some material/substance that looks like it. She can also seemingly materialize this material/substance from thin air.

*This could change when she actually releases*Sand Slone's set will include:- Outfit- Backbling- Pickaxeā€¦

Based on the Outfit's design, this version of Doctor Slone is very likely a mountaineer. Rock-climbing equipment such as carabiners and a rope can be seen attached to the Outfit. There's also a badge with an insignia on it, but for the time being, its meaning hasn't been deciphered.

While the Outfit does showcase slight futuristic aspects, it's doubtful that she'll be featured in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. Furthermore, since the leaker mentions that "the Sand version of Slone is being worked on," it could be a while before the Outfit is complete.

When will the 'sand' version of Doctor Slone be added to Fortnite?

There are two possibilities for when this new version of Doctor Slone will be released. The first is related to seasonal change, not the in-game one, but real life. With summer a few months away, this version of the character may be added to the game as a summer-themed Outfit.

Given that the design incorporates sand, which can be found on beaches, it makes sense to have it as a summer-themed Outfit. Although it can be argued that the Outfit lacks any 'beach vibes', Doctor Slone is not a very happy-go-lucky character to begin with.


On the flipside of things, the Outfit may also be released as a Battle Pass exclusive. Given how the original Doctor Slone was featured in the Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass, something similar may occur again.

However, it all depends on what centralized theme the character has been designed around. Until leaks regarding Chapter 4 Season 3 don't begin to surface, there's no way to know for certain if she'll be released next season. With all that being said, whichever way things go, the Outfit has been confirmed to be in development and will be added to the game eventually.

What about the 'all-black' version of Doctor Slone?

@GMatrixGames I can't wait for this version of slone

Aside from the 'sand' version of Doctor Slone, another Outfit was featured in a leaked Fortnite survey. This Outfit is 'all-black' with silver and gold design-work on it. It looks amazing in every way and has a very unique art-style.

Sadly, leakers and/or data-miners have not been able to obtain any information pertaining to this Outfit. Given that there are numerous survey-skins that haven't yet made it to Fortnite, this one could be 'cooking' for a long time to come.

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