What Fortnite should do to make up leveling up easier and faster

The game's leveling system could be improved (Image via Epic Games)
The game's leveling system could be improved (Image via Epic Games)

Many players have complained about Fortnite leveling this season. Completing the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass seems to be much slower than usual, which is why so many are frustrated.

Fortunately, gamers have almost three more months to complete the Battle Pass. It means they have to level up just once a day to reach Level 100 by the end of the season. Leveling twice a day will get them to Level 200.

While progress through the game is satisfactory the way it is, despite complaints from loopers, the fact is that Fortnite's leveling system could be improved.

A Reddit user recently came up with an interesting suggestion on improving the leveling system. It has gained lots of attention from the community, and fans hope Epic Games implements it in the future.

Fortnite's leveling would be much easier with this addition

Reddit user u/Rifted-06 made the perfect suggestion for Fortnite's leveling system. They combined two things from the title into a great idea that would benefit players.

u/Rifted-06 proposed spending Gold Bars to replace Daily Challenges in the game. Many Fortnite users remember how Chapter 1 leveling worked and that the previous system allowed them to shuffle these challenges once a day.

What makes this suggestion so unique is the fact that many loopers rarely use Gold Bars. Their purpose is to buy items and services from NPCs, but they do not have any effect outside of matches.

Many gamers have thousands of Gold Bars they rarely use, and this proposal would make them more useful. This change would probably motivate them to start more bounties, so the gameplay would be more intense.

Since this suggestion has become quite popular on Reddit and has been shared on other social media platforms, there is a chance that Epic will notice it and decide to add it to the game.

No downsides to Fortnite's leveling improvement

This proposal for the title's leveling change has no downsides, and there is no doubt that many players would benefit from it.

It would be handy for those who cannot play more than a few matches every day as it would allow them to select some easier challenges they can complete without much effort.


Completing the first three daily challenges rewards loopers with bonus XP, which is why missing them makes it much slower to level up. Even though most challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale are straightforward, some take longer to complete.

Fortnite's leveling system has been a somewhat controversial topic in Chapter 3 Season 3. Epic has slightly lowered XP gains, but this was mostly done because the season will end in mid-September.

There have been many complaints about the slow progress in the Battle Pass, which is why the developer decided to double XP gains from accolades. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough, as gamers kept complaining.

Implementing a feature that would allow them to shuffle challenges would benefit both users and the developer. The former would gain levels faster, and Epic wouldn't have to worry about complaints.

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