Fortnite Chapter 1 POIs are returning to Fortnite, surprising players

Fortnite Chapter 1 POIs are coming back (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Chapter 1 POIs are coming back (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 1 POIs are returning to the game. Epic Games released the v21.10 update on Tuesday, June 21, adding many new items to the title.

The developers finally added super styles for the Battle Pass skins, new Naruto cosmetic items, and some map changes. Furthermore, Epic has decided to reboot Fortnite Chapter 1 POIs, seemingly shocking players.

This is the first significant update of Chapter 3 Season 3, raising the bar for the future. It appears that this season, despite being long, will be a joyride filled with exciting content.

Fortnite players take a trip down nostalgia lane

Logjam Lumberyard is one of the most popular landing spots in Chapter 3. This place is perfect for getting maximum wood at the start of the game, and it's also close to one of The Seven outposts, so players can use Rifts to move quickly around the map.

With the content update released last week, Epic Games made small changes to the area. A pink tree was added, which was quite unusual. This is part of the big Reality Tree spreading all over the island, but it looked very unusual, which is why it caught players' attention.

It turns out that Epic was preparing this area to bring back Fortnite Chapter 1 POIs. HYPEX has also revealed future content that will be released to the game, including map changes.

Fortnite Chapter 1 POIs will return to the game and be located at Logjam Lumberyard. More specifically, this area will change its theme by featuring some of the old spots.

Logjam's changes themes each game featuring Chapter 1 & 2 POIs!- Atlantis (Coral Castle)- Pirates (Lazy Lagoon)- Roman (Colossal Coliseum)- Wild West (Tilted Town, without rift zone the effect)

The Fortnite leaker has revealed that Lazy Lagoon and Tilted Town will also be rebooted. Two POIs from Chapter 2, Coral Castle and Colossal Coliseum, are also expected to return.

A throwback to Season X

In Season X, the final season of Chapter 1, Epic Games brought old Fortnite Chapter 1 POIs back through the Rift Zones. These places looked different in a Rift Zone and usually had different rules, but players loved having them around.

For example, Greasy Grove was present in Season X, but players were forced to dance periodically. Tilted Town was a version of Tilted Towers with a Wild West theme, and players weren't allowed to build in this area.

Upcoming Logjam changes! #Fortnite - Tilted Town remix!- Lazy Lagoon remix!- The Colosseum remix!

According to HYPEX, even though Tilted Town will come back in Chapter 3, it will be without its Rift Zone effect. Players can build in this area when they play regular modes.

It will be interesting to see if the developers reboot more Chapter 1 POIs at some point. After all, there seems to be a lot of Chapter 1 content here, such as the Chair and a Dusty Depot warehouse.

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