Fortnite player wins the game without landing at all, here's how

A YouTuber won in mid-air (Image via Fortnite Wiki)
A YouTuber won in mid-air (Image via Fortnite Wiki)

There are a lot of ways to win a Fortnite match. Many players try to drop in and eliminate every player they see. This is how they end up with 20-kill wins. Other players try to play peacefully and avoid conflict as much as possible until the very end. There are even strategies that involve perpetual healing inside the storm.

One Fortnite YouTuber set out to see if they could win a game using a previously unknown strategy: by never landing on the ground. They decided to try and remain in the air for the entire match and see if they could pull off a win.

Fortnite YouTuber attempts to win a game in the air


x2Twinz shared a video on YouTube pondering a question: Is it possible to win a game of Fortnite without ever touching the ground? To do this, they entered a solo match with their friend. This is a bit disingenuous, but it is the only real way this can happen. It is often done by joining and leaving matches on different servers until the two get in the same one.

While one "teammate" was on the ground fighting enemies and trying to survive, the other was floating in the sky. This is a unique strategy that could arguably only be used in this season. Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 has a ton of air mobility options. Thanks to the ever-spreading Chrome, many POIs and landmarks are floating.

These floating cities have hot air balloons that also serve as wind tunnels for players to be boosted into the air. Using these, it is possible to theoretically move around the island solely in the air, though it is difficult.

At one point, the airborne player decided that it was too risky to float above the hot air balloon in a bright red glider, so they decided to relocate to the Chrome Vortex. It swirls around endlessly and keeps gamers and items both airborne and covered in Chrome.

The mobility Chrome Vortex (Image via Epic Games)
The mobility Chrome Vortex (Image via Epic Games)

Unfortunately, the Vortex was also a distance away from any other mobility items, which made traveling back even harder. There was a moment when they questioned if they could go anywhere at all.

However, they kept moving back and forth to keep out of the conflict on the ground. Meanwhile, the teammate was fighting on the ground to stay alive and take out the competition.

Unfortunately, the storm was not kind and it forced them to relocate once again. The Vortex was no longer an option. The bottom right corner of the island is full of balloons, which made the endeavor a bit easier. One balloon had a Supply Drop, which forced traffic there and almost ended the match.

With the final circle not being near any balloons, the ground teammate had to eliminate the rest of the players quickly. After successfully doing so, they left the game, giving the airborne player a win in an impressive and dramatic fashion.

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