Fortnite players are sick and tired of unoriginal Battle Pass skins

Fortnite's Tier 100 skins haven't been very original for the past few seasons (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite's Tier 100 skins haven't been very original for the past few seasons (Image via Epic Games)
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Currently, many within the Fortnite community are not happy with the game's seasonal Battle Pass. Although Epic Games has released many amazing skins with it, some players would love to see more original skins, which was certainly the case back in Chapter 1.

In fact, more than 50% of Fortnite skins released in Chapter 3 are collaboration skins. While collaborations are definitely amazing and make the game even more popular, players would prefer to see them only in the Item Shop.

Unfortunately, Epic Games has released quite a lot of collaboration skins in this season's Battle Pass, which is something that many Fortnite players dislike. A few recently complained about this situation on Reddit, where readers can take a look at what the community thinks about collaboration skins.

Fortnite Battle Pass skins should be 100% original

Back in Chapter 1, Epic Games did not have many collaborations in Fortnite. However, when these collaborations happened, they had nothing to do with the Battle Pass.

Chapter 2 made things worse and Deadpool was the first "secret skin" that came out in Chapter 2 Season 4. Fortnite collaborations reached their peak during Season 4 of this chapter as Epic Games released a complete Marvel Battle Pass. Every single cosmetic item featured in it had something to do with Marvel, which is something that many players did not appreciate.

In fact, the last original Tier 100 skin was The Spire Assassin, released in Chapter 2 Season 6. This is what Reddit user Realistic_Advice1890 complained about, saying how it would be much better to see an original Tier 100 skin such as Omega or the Black Knight.

The Spire Assassin came out in March 2021, and since then, Tier 100 skins have been all about collaborations. First, there was Rick Sanchez, followed by Carnage. Furthermore, the Chapter 3 Tier 100 skins have been Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Darth Vader.

Chapter 1 had the best and most unique Tier 100 skins of all time, including all-time classics like Omega, Ragnarok, Ultima Knight, and more.

The community reaction

The Reddit post shown above has received hundreds of comments as many other Fortnite players have shared their thoughts on this issue. Most would love to see the original skins, which is rather clear judging from the comments.

One Reddit user pointed out that the new season should encompass Halloween, which is why Epic Games may release a Halloween-themed Battle Pass.

Clearly, many cool skins can be released during the Halloween-themed season, including some collaboration skins like Michael Myers. There have also been rumors about a potential Fortnite x Dead by Daylight collaboration, so adding these skins to a Halloween Battle Pass would be optimal.

The next season will be released in September 2022 and will include the Fortnitemares event. Chapter 1 Season 6 was released during September as well, and this season had some fantastic skins in the Battle Pass.

Calamity, Dusk, and Dire are some of the best skins ever released in the game.

Some Fortnite players pointed out how great it is when Epic Games releases collaboration skins to the Battle Pass. These skins are basically free as the entire bundle costs 950 V-Bucks and some players won't be able to afford them if they are ever released to the Item Shop.

Other players, however, pointed out how collaboration skins should be released to the Item Shop and become available to everyone.

It will be interesting to see if Epic Games does something about this. However, we expect the game developer to release even more Fortnite collaborations in the future.

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