Fortnite players spot mysterious footprints likely teasing Chapter 3 Season 4 content

Chapter 3 Season 3 was Vibin
Chapter 3 Season 3 was Vibin' (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite players have discovered something on the map that looks like footprints in an oil-like substance, but it is currently unclear why they're there. It's very likely that this is something vital and is beginning to ramp up to Chapter 3 Season 4.

The next season is right around the corner, and as a result, leaks, theories, and rumors are flying in at a furious rate. There has been rampant speculation about what the theme is going to be, whether it'll be another superhero season or if it will take players through a trip down memory lane.

Prior to the next season, important NPCs like the Visitor have had their arrivals teased for a potentially key role in upcoming events. Other NPCs, like the Scientist, have gone missing and mysterious footprints are showing up on the map.

Fortnite players have uncovered something that might pertain to Chapter 3 Season 4

There were rumors that oil would play a big role in Chapter 3 Season 4, though it was unclear why or how. Many suspect this might drastically change the map, and now some Fortnite players have uncovered what might be the first step towards that end.

#PS5Share, #Fortnite since 21.50 we are able to see an black substence at butter barn and it also leaves footprints if you go on it. And it would make sense with the challenges if this is the substance We're looking for @IFireMonkey @MidaRado @RexFNx @kraypex @HYPEX

BetterFNnews shared an image that might be the beginning of a serious change coming to the island. The strange oil-like substance has appeared at Butter Barn and it's very likely that this is no coincidence.

Epic Games rarely ever includes anything without reason and there's good reason to believe that this is for Chapter 3 Season 4. It's far too late into the current season to realistically not be important next season.

I think the person who is involved with kidnapping The Seven or who's footprints in the goo/ink belong to is Phadera. If you look at my messy image below it connects everything and why it's her. What do you guys think? #Fortnite

Other players have taken it a step further and have come up with a valid theory. Phaedra was a recent Crew Pack skin, which means she could very well play a key role in the upcoming season.

She could be the villain of Season 4, which makes sense given the appearance of the mysterious black goo. If there was a character who fits right in with that, it's Phaedra.

This season did not have an antagonist as the Imagined Order was defeated last season, but that's not likely to be the case in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. The current events have led many Fortnite gamers to suspect Phaedra of being nefarious.

What has been confirmed for next season

The next season is right around the corner, but Epic Games usually keeps things close to the chest until the very last moment. However, there are some leaks that showcase what is going to happen in Season 4.

This Goth Meowscles skin will be part of the Season 4 Battle Pass!This was first posted by @FNBRintel, and I can confirm the accuracy of this leak.

Two skins have already been confirmed: an emo Meowscles and Spider-Gwen are coming to the Battle Pass next season. The theme, which many believed would be prominently superhero, has been confirmed to at least not be Marvel.

Despite the presence of a superhero skin, the entire Battle Pass will not be themed around them. The second theory of a time-travel season now makes a lot more sense.

LEAK: Spider-verse Gwen will be featured in the Season 4 Battle Pass! #Fortnite #FortniteSeason4 #FortniteLeaks

As always, none of this information is confirmed by Epic Games, so it should be treated as speculative, especially fan theories.

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