Fortnite concept brings back the fan-favorite "Boogie Bomb" in a new avatar

Reddit user suggests a new Boogie Bomb concept that looks fantastic
Reddit user suggests a new Boogie Bomb concept that looks fantastic
Matthew Wilkins

Boogie Bombs gave the term "disco fever" a brand new meaning in Fortnite. Now, one Reddit user has come up with an ingenious concept for a new weapon in-game: the Boogie Bomb Bow. This weapon will send players dancing back to the disco era. It will bring disco back, one shot at a time.

For the uninitiated, Boogie Bombs were thrown like normal grenades; however, unlike normal grenades, players caught in the blast radius were forced to dance for five seconds or until the damage was taken. When under the effects of this grenade, players were prevented from building, firing weapons, and even using items.

Although the item has vanished from most players' memory, the Fortnite Reddit community has kept the idea well and alive. It has even come up with the concept of strapping a Boogie Bomb onto a bow and getting back to causing dancing fever in Fortnite.

Boogie Bomb Bow concept

With Bows becoming the meta weapon of choice in Fortnite Season 6, a much greater variety of bows have been added to the game since the start of the season. From primal varieties to mechanical, the game so far has been widely dominated by bows.

With two new exotics, the Grappler bow and the Unstable bow being added to the game, it's clear to see how the developers are really focusing on the primal style of warfare in Fortnite Season 6.

Having said that, it comes as no surprise that the Fortnite Reddit community wants to get in on the action and pitch a few ideas of its own.

A user known as u/TheCrazyBombYt came up with the idea of strapping a Boogie Bomb to a Bow. He quotes, "Does the same damage as other mechanical bows but boogie bombs them."

Boogie Bomb Bow concept (Image via Reddit, u/TheCrazyBombYt)
Boogie Bomb Bow concept (Image via Reddit, u/TheCrazyBombYt)

In theory, the bow would function much like any other bow. It would add range and damage to the Boogie Bomb with the special effect: causing those caught within the radius to start dancing.

While the idea might seem a bit outlandish, the Fortnite community seems to love it.

Reddit user u/StableGenuis22 had this to say:

"ngl I see a lot of bad suggestions on the sub, but this is one of the best. Boogie bombs are hilarious, so wouldn't mind seeing this in-game as a mythic."

While another user called u/IloveFortnite_OFF said this:

"This would make more sense as an exotic because the theme of exotics are different but at the same time mythic might be a bit better because of the spread of the weapon on the map. Cool concept."

Despite the concept being fun and feasible, it's left to be seen if the developers will take note of this and bring disco fever back in Fortnite Season 6.

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