Fortnite Season 6: The revenge of Agent Jonesy and the race to save reality

Will Jonesy escape from the loop? (Image via Epic Games)
Will Jonesy escape from the loop? (Image via Epic Games)

The newly released Fortnite Season 6 begins with Agent John "Jonesy" Jones sealing off the Zero Point at the top of the main Spire on the map.

While gamers are ready to unlock all 100 levels of this season's Battle Pass, Jonesy's story is gaining traction as fans wonder what's next.

Fortnite Season 6: Agent Jonesy's revenge

Fan-favorite Agent Jones first appeared in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 during The Device Live Event. Jonesy's origin story so far involves his employment to the Imagined Order, the organization with the power to contain the Zero Point.

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With Fortnite Season 6 beginning today, players are happy to see Jones continuing his short story that has evolved over several seasons. His return also includes several Jonesy skins that are available in this season's Battle Pass.

Amidst the excitement of Jonesy's return in the new season, rumors of the reason for the strain in his relationship with the Imagined Order are surfacing.

The Fortnite Season 6 Zero Crisis Story Cinematic begins with Jonesy determined to stabilize the Zero Point. The woman in his ear, recognized in the subtitles as Doctor Slone, urges him to abort his mission. Agent Jonesy will not have it, commenting that he will be going to The Seven.

The newly unveiled member of The Seven, The Foundation (Image via Epic Games)
The newly unveiled member of The Seven, The Foundation (Image via Epic Games)

The final moments of the Zero Crisis Story Cinematic reveal The Foundation, assumed to be one of The Seven, for the first time. Jonesy immediately attempts to gain |The Foundation's trust by offering up Geno and more.

Agent Jonesy is trapped in the loop

The Fortnite Season 6 Zero Crisis Finale event video released this morning shows just how far Jonesy is willing to go and what is at stake should he fail.

Gamers wishing to avoid spoilers before they have the chance to play through the Finale themselves should likely skip ahead here.


The Zero Crisis Finale follows Jonesy and the players' looper as they attempt to help The Foundation stabilize the Zero Point.

The Foundation's interaction with the Zero Point causes it to "bloom," creating reality waves. Jones notes that these waves can change the player's surroundings and appearances instantly within Fortnite Season 6. Agent Jonesy is then turned into a butterfly as he guides the looper to different portals.

As Jonesy and the looper close different portals, he comments that reality must not like him very much as alternate realities keep leaking through.

Surprisingly, closing the portals is not enough. Jonesy informs the looper that they will not be leaving until the mission is finished as The Foundation attempts to contain the Zero Point.

Jonesy is returned to his human form as he reaches the Zero Point at the top of the central Spire featured on the new map. He narrates that to seal off the Zero Point, he will be trapped in the loop.

The Fortnite Season 6 Zero Crisis Finale ends with Agent Jonesy taking that risk in a final blast.

If Jonesy escapes, what will he do next?

While some fans debate what has been removed from the game this season, many others are focused on Jonesy. Fans want to know more already as they pick up on the feeling that something huge is in the works.

With The Foundations final comment from the Fortnite Season 6 Zero Crisis Finale assuring Jones that he will find him, and that the latter would tell him "everything," theories regarding Jones' identity and role within the IO are being questioned.

Could Agent Jones have wrongfully put his trust into the IO? If so, is his attempt to get in contact with The Seven throughout Fortnite Season 6 his shot at redemption?

Jonesy's immediate offering of giving up Geno and The Sisters to The Foundation has captured the masses' attention. However, his motive for doing so remains untold.

Is it possible that he has simply gone rogue and seeks revenge on the Imagined Order for betraying his trust? Is Jonesy genuinely fighting for his reality, or has his time inside the loop altered it beyond what he realizes?

Players who have already viewed the Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass have picked up on the significance of the backpacks available to unlock. With each one unlocked in the BP, players will be given a quest that results in snapshot reveals of "Agent Jones' mission to save reality."

Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass {Image via Epic Games}
Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass {Image via Epic Games}

After the rapid build-up of Jonesy's story seen across Chapter 2, only time and serious grinding will tell what is next for him in Fortnite Season 6.

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