Fortnite Two-Shot Shotgun can now shoot players through builds, here's how

Fortnite Two-Shot Shotgun can now shoot through walls (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite Two-Shot Shotgun can now shoot through walls (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Two-Shot Shotgun is the most overpowered weapon in Fortnite Battle Royale at the moment. What makes it so special is the fact that it can shoot through builds and damage enemies.

This weapon was first added to the game with the first patch of Chapter 3 Season 3. The new shotgun isn't quite popular yet, but the latest change will most likely increase its usage.

Epic Games has recently buffed this close-range weapon, but the buff has made it very overpowered, which is why we can expect another change very soon.

Fortnite players have found out that the Two-Shot Shotgun can be used to shoot through enemies' builds and even eliminate enemies with this method. Doing this is very simple and requires no special setup.

Two-Shot Shotgun is overpowered and maybe nerfed soon

Epic Games released a small Fortnite Battle Royale hotfix on Monday, July 11. The hotfix included balance changes for several items, including the Two-Shot Shotgun.

The shotgun was buffed with the hotfix as its second shot now fires 50% faster. What makes this weapon amazing is the fact that it fires two shots in a short period of time, yet the latest hotfix made it even better.

The point of this change was to increase the usage of this weapon. Despite it being a solid option for close-range combat, many players still chose the Auto Shotgun or the Striker Pump Shotgun over it. However, things will most likely change soon.

In a video posted by Reddit user RokuMogura, we can see how effective the Two-Shot Shotgun is after the latest buff. Even though the player, whose point of view we can see, is placing a wall after a wall, the enemy shots are still going through and damaging him.

While this change was most likely unintended, it will be interesting to see if Epic Games nerfs the shotgun. The nerf is a logical option, but this may also be Epic's attempt to completely change the meta.

Defending against the buffed shotgun is very difficult, but it's not impossible. Instead of simply hiding behind a wall, players will have to build either a cone or a ramp to hide behind and avoid enemy fire.

Other balance changes

Besides the massive buff for the Two-Shot Shotgun, Epic Games nerfed several items with balance changes on Monday.

The Striker Pump Shotgun had its damage decrease by 12 points across all of its rarities. The shotgun used to be the number one option for close-range combat before the update, but Fortnite players will most likely choose other weapons for close quarters from now on.

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The Striker Burst Assault Rifle has also been nerfed with the update. This weapon is still very effective, but the latest balance patch made it less effective from range. The assault rifle now has a damage dropoff which reduces its damage by 3 and 5 points from medium and long-range, respectively.

Finally, the development team nerfed the Port-A-Fort. This item was unvaulted with the v21.20 patch, and players could originally carry five items in one stack. However, the Monday hotfix drastically decreased the stack size, allowing players to carry two Port-A-Fort items in it.

The Two-Shot Shotgun is a clear winner after all these changes, but we will have to wait to see if its buff is big enough to make it popular.

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