Fortnite update v22.40 patch notes: 4 free rewards, 40v40 Zero Build Mode, High Octane vehicle and more

(Image via Twitter/XTigerHyperX2)
The final update for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 (Image via Twitter/XTigerHyperX2)

Fortnite update v22.40 is the final one for Chapter 3. Once the downtime ends, players will be in the end-game phase of things. That said, with this being the last major update, there's a lot of new content that will be added to the game.

According to leakers, a new Zero Build LTM will go live soon. Not to be outdone by it, a brand new vehicle called Octane will also be brought in from Rocket League. With that said, here's everything new that's coming to the game with the update v22.40.

Fortnite update v22.40 patch notes: New content and changes

1) 40v40 Zero Build Mode

#Fortnite: BIG BATTLE LTMLive today at 10am ET!- The Storm already circling the first zone- Uncommon-rarity items in your loadout.- The action starts in this fast-paced, Zero Build LTM.- To defeat the other team even faster, loot in Big Battle is Rare-rarity or higher.

The new 40v40 Zero Build mode will go live a few hours after the downtime ends. Given how popular the original 50v50 mode was, there's no doubt this one will make headlines as well.

That said, the rules of engagement for this mode will be drastically different from others. Based on the information at hand, players will spawn in with a fixed loadout and the Storm will already be circling the first zone.

2) Fortnite x Rocket League High Octane collaboration and freebies

The Fortnite x Rocket League collaboration featuring the Octane vehicle will go live once the downtime ends. Players will be able to drive around in an Octane and perform death-defying tricks.

Additionally, there will be challenges to complete and rewards to unlock as well. Here's the complete list of rewards:

  • Back Board Back Bling
  • Octane Smash Spray
  • Shot in Flight Emoji
  • Clutch Victory Harvesting Tool
#FNxRL Quests and Rewards!The Bonus Rewards will also give new styles for the Back Board as well as their shown rewards.Each normal quest will also give 20,000 XP.

3) Major POI changes

v22.40 Mini Map

According to leakers, the legacy POI, Tilted Towers, is now called Tainted Towers. One can only assume that due to Chrome spreading across the island, the POI has finally been consumed and thus, renamed.

Aside from the naming scheme, the only other change that should be prevalent in the location is the Chrome structures. They will gradually grow and consume the entire POI much like the Reality Tree.

4) Grapple Glider

New Grapple Glider Gun added in #Fortnite v22.40!

Discovered in the update, a brand new grapple-gun is being added to the loot pool. Based on leakers and the weapon's stats, players will be able to redeploy after using the weapon and pulling themselves towards the intended targeted location in-game.

However, as with all grapple-guns, this one too has a limited number of uses. Once it's used 10 times, it will vanish from the inventory. Players in the Zero Build mode will have to be careful not to get stranded on high ground.

5) Welcome back Bushranger!

Bushranger has been re-added as an NPC in #Fortnite v22.40!It will be involved with Jones' storyline too!

After mysteriously being killed at the end of Fortnite Chapter 2, it seems that the Bushranger is being brought back for the finale of Chapter 3. As per the information, he'll soon be featured on the island as an NPC.

Without giving away too many spoilers for the upcoming live event, the Bushranger will likely play an important role in things to unfold. However, at this time, it's not known what exactly he'll be doing.

6) Goodbye Battle Lab

Battle Lab will be vaulted in #Fortnite v23.00 as a result of the Battle Royale island coming to Creative!

As per the information provided by the leakers and confirmed by Epic Games themselves, the Battle Lab mode will be vaulted at the start of Fortnite Chapter 4. This mode is loved by many as it allows players to explore the island alone or with friends.

With the ability to tweak settings, players can enjoy effects like zero gravity, spawn in enemy bots, and zoom from location to location to get good screenshots. That said, players will have a few more days to enjoy the mode before it's gone for good.

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