Fortnite Octane Quests: Where to find Octane cars and complete all challenges

High Octane action guaranteed! (Image via Twitter/txnhao)
High Octane action guaranteed! (Image via Twitter/txnhao)

The High Octane collaboration between Fortnite and Rocket League will go live once the update v22.40 ends. Unlike previous crossovers, this event will be more than just cosmetic in nature.

A few hours ago, Epic Games showcased the Octane vehicle from Rocket League being rifted into the Battle Royale mode. Despite this being more than enough proof to confirm the collaboration, leakers went one step further and leaked the main crossover trailer itself.

From Champions Field to the Island… 11.15.2022

With that said, it has been confirmed that Octane from Rocket League will be added to the game once the downtime period comes to an end. Aside from this one vehicle, there's plenty more that will be added in-game and this article will provide all of the relevant details.

Fortnite x Rocket League High Octane: Spawn locations, cosmetics, challenges, and more

1) Where to find the Octane in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

In 22.30, Epic added some files about some upcoming "Octane" challenges for Creative. The challenges will most likely release in 22.40.2 challenges related to them (going off of some tags) are:- Fly with an Octane- Flip with an Octane#Fortnite #FortniteLeaks

Judging by the leaked trailer, players will likely be able to rift the vehicle in by using the Dial-A-Drop utility item. However, keep in mind that the content shown in trailers is often purely cinematic in nature.

In which case, the vehicle may spawn in certain locations on the island. Given that each vehicle has a set percentage to spawn during any given match, there's no predicting an exact spawn point.

The best way to go about finding the Octane in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is to look for it in POIs and named locations that have multiple vehicle spawn points. It's also very likely that Epic Games will boost the spawn chances of the latest vehicle, allowing everyone to use it before Chapter 3 concludes.

2) Octane abilities in Fortnite

NEW Rocket League X Fortnite Trailer!! 🔥The cars will be on the Battle Royale Island starting tomorrow!(via @djlorenzouasset)

As seen in the trailer, Octane certainly stays true to its name by delivering an unparalleled performance on the battlefield. Players will be able to drive the vehicle at 90 degrees and boost from wall to wall with ease. They'll likely be able to boost the vehicle vertically as well to get air time.

This will provide greater mobility in-game and allow players to come up with amazing combat maneuvers. That said, the vehicle may have a lower health pool than normal to compensate for all the extra mobility.

3) Map codes, challenges, and cosmetics

Ahead of the update I wanna hear everyone's thoughts about the new Rocket League x Fortnite cosmetics that got showcased in the Octane event trailer

By completing these challenges, players will be able to claim four free items. Based on the recent leaks, here are their official names and types:

  • Back Board Back Bling
  • Octane Smash Spray
  • Shot in Flight Emoji
  • Clutch Victory Harvesting Tool
#FNxRL Quests and Rewards!The Bonus Rewards will also give new styles for the Back Board as well as their shown rewards.Each normal quest will also give 20,000 XP.

As for these challenges, they will likely be limited to the game's Creative mode. This is based on the fact that there are map codes provided in the leaked trailer for the collaboration. Here's the list of map codes and challenges:

Octane Map codes:

  • Rocketeer Ruins - 5620-6416-3977
  • Snipers VS Octanes - 8992-9205-6512
  • Octane Race - 3847-7344-8745

Octane Challenge list:

  • Fly 100 meters continuously in an Octane (1)
  • Hit opponents while riding in an Octane (3)
  • Perform a 720 front flip in the air with an Octane (1)
  • Fuel up an Octane (50)
  • Earn points at RL live (100)
  • Earn points at RL live (250)
  • Damage car opponents in Snipers vs Octanes (600)
  • Eliminate sniper opponents in Snipers vs Octanes (1)
  • Complete a lap in under 2 minutes 30 seconds in Octane Race (1)
  • Complete laps in Octane Race (2)
  • Reach each Hardpoint at Rocketeer Ruins (5)
  • Collect coins at Rocketeer Ruins (8)

Note: Fortnite's Octane challenges should go live once the downtime ends.

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