Fortnite update v23.10 patch notes: Winterfest 2022 free skins, Super Styles, Deku's Smash, and more

Winterfest 2022 will go live once the downtime for Fortnite update v23.10 ends (Image via Twitter/iFireMonkey)
Winterfest 2022 will go live once the downtime for Fortnite update v23.10 ends (Image via Twitter/iFireMonkey)

Downtime for the Fortnite update v23.10 is still going strong, but thanks to leakers, the majority of upcoming content has been revealed. When the servers go live, players will be in for a treat. That said, Winterfest 2022 starts today and will end on January 3.

In addition to the festive celebrations, a few new items, cosmetics, and one major POI have been added to the game. While there is some information about the upcoming My Hero Academia collaboration as well, most of it remains encrypted.

Fortnite update v23.10 patch notes: New content and changes

1) Free Winterfest 2022 Skins - Arctic Adeline, Sled Ready Guff, and Guff Gringle

The "Sled Ready Guff" skin is also gonna be FREE for on Epic Games Store today!

Fortnite Winterfest 2022 is live and so are the free gifts. According to the leakers, players will be able to get up to three free skins. One should be listed in the Item Shop when the downtime ends. As for the other two, they may be obtainable as a gift or will be given at a later stage in-game.

In addition to skins, there are roughly 20 gifts that players will be able to claim throughout the month of December. Much like last time, there may be a bonus gift as well. Fingers crossed!

2) Syper Styles

Super Level Stage 1 - ElysianSuper Level Stage 2 - AeonSuper Level Stage 3 - Halcyon

Super Styles for the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass will go live on December 14. This time around, the cosmetics are absolutely amazing and the community is already excited to unlock them in-game.

For those who haven't earned enough Battle Stars to unlock any, there's no need to fret. The season will only end on March 10. There's plenty of time to complete challenges/quests to level up and unlock all cosmetics in-game.

3) New items and weapons - Guardian Shield and Deku's Smash

Two new items and a new variant of an existing item have been added with the Fortnite update v23.10. The first one is called Guardian Shield. It is a defensive item that will allow players to block incoming damage and stand their ground.

As shown in the trailer, Deku's Smash will allow players to rip apart structures and destroy large chunks of buildings with ease. It should also be able to damage opponents caught in the blast radius.

Lastly, a new variety of Shockwave Hammer, called The Ageless Champion's Shockwave Hammer, has been added to the game as well. As the name suggests, players will be able to acquire it by defeating The Ageless.

4) Crackshot's Cabin

New "Crackshot's Cabin" Landmark!

It wouldn't be Christmas in Fortnite without Crackshot's Cabin present on the map. In the update v23.10, the nutcracker's house has been added to the map. It can be found west of the Brutal Bastion next to the frozen body of water.

For those wanting to go explore this quaint little cabin, be warned that every year it becomes a hot-drop location in-game. Be prepared to fight tooth and nail to secure the area.

5) Rift Gate

A "Rift Gate construction at the Castle POI!

While it's not entirely clear what this is, a Rift Gate is being built at the Castle POI. This may be a portal device that will allow entities from other dimensions to appear on the island. However, until further details are revealed, this is purely based on speculation.

Another possibility is that the Rift Gate can be activated by players to be "rifted" from one part of the island to another. Perhaps they'll be able to choose where the rift is created in the sky above the map.

6) My Hero Academia

Upcoming MHA Supply Drop Design:

Since most cosmetics are still encrypted, the only ones that are visible in-game are the My Hero Academia Supply Drop Design, Deku's Mythic, and an image of Deku. The supply drop design features a balloon in the shape of All Might.

Similar to the Dragon Ball collaboration, these supply drops will have items that players will be able to utilize in-game. They will likely also contain Deku's Smash mythic item as well. Players should keep an eye on the sky after the collaboration goes live.

As for the Mythic, players are already aware of how it looks and functions thanks to the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 trailer. Here's some gameplay footage to understand how it works.

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