Fortnite x Dead Space: Everything you need to know

Is Dead Space coming to Fortnite? (Image via Epic Games)
Is Dead Space coming to Fortnite? (Image via Epic Games)

While not fully confirmed, a Fortnite x Dead Space collaboration is touted to arrive sooner rather than later. The crossover is expected to hit the Item Shop any day now. Rumors first circulated at the end of 2022, and it appears they may soon come to fruition.

The confirmation does not come from Epic Games or any official source. However, popular and reliable leaker ShiinaBR tweeted that the Item Shop rotation on January 23 will see Isaac Clarke and other aspects of the Dead Space franchise come to the metaverse.

Fortnite x Dead Space to arrive on January 23

CONFIRMED: Isaac Clarke will be available on January 23 at 7 PM ET!- Plasma Cutter Pickaxe- Back Bling 1: Has an HP bar that changes based on health- Back Bling 2: Glows blue when you take no damage and glows red when you take damage(Thanks to @Jinsk0w for the information)

According to ShiinaBR, the crossover will include a skin (Isaac Clarke), a plasma cutter pickaxe, and two different back blings for the locker. The back blings will be reactive and probably the most popular part of the set.

It's possible that the crossover will arrive with more content. It could change the map or even introduce new NPCs. The weekly updates arrive on Tuesday, so Dead Space could be incorporated Monday evening and on the island the following morning.

Dead Space is coming soon (Image via EA)
Dead Space is coming soon (Image via EA)

The Dead Space remake is scheduled to be released for consoles a few days from now, so it's perfect timing on Epic Games' part. The excitement for the franchise has never been higher.

It is a bit of a surprise that Epic Games hasn't officially confirmed the crossover, with it expected to be released today. Nevertheless, the Item Shop rotation tonight should hold the answers.

Remember that this is based on leaks. Until it arrives in-game or Epic Games releases an official confirmation, this information must be treated with a grain of salt.

After Dead Space, what collaborations might Fortnite release this year?

Fortnite is no stranger to collaborations. They like to get every possible brand they can, even if it's detrimental to the game.

Nevertheless, 2023 could be a huge year for that aspect of the game. With Dead Space on the way and Fortnite x My Hero Academia becoming a huge success, there's potential for a lot more.

Several Marvel movies are coming out this year, and they are virtually assured of a crossover in some regard:

  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
  • The Marvels
  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
  • Kraven the Hunter

DC projects like Shazam! and The Flash could be incorporated as well. Other properties, such as Harry Potter (getting a video game release) and the Legend of Zelda, could become future additions. Avatar is also rumored to get a collaboration sooner rather than later.

Diablo, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Street Fighter, and more are all arriving in 2023. It would be a surprise not to see a Fortnite crossover for at least some of these releases.

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