Fortnite YouTuber 'Ali-A' gets called out for blatant clickbait

Ali-A in Fortnite (Image via Ali-A/Twitter)
Ali-A in Fortnite (Image via Ali-A/Twitter)

Popular Fortnite YouTuber Alastair "Ali-A" Aiken was once the most recognized content creator for the title, alongside Ninja and SypherPK. However, a short while after he fell from his peak, he became a meme on the internet for his clickbait content.

His flashy thumbnails and clickbait titles were the reason behind the internet laughing at Ali-A. The Fortnite YouTuber originally focused on creating videos that had informative content instead of gameplay. He covered the updates, events, and everything coming new to the game.

However, being a frequent uploader, the spaced-out content in Fortnite often had Ali-A at a lack of ideas. This might be why the YouTuber resorted to creating clickbait videos where he would mention something in the title, and it would just be an attempt at deceiving his fans.

YouTuber SunnyV2 recently charted the fall of Ali-A as a Fortnite YouTuber and how much of a role his clickbait content played in his career's demise.


Ali-A lost most of his Fortnite fans due to clickbait content

Most of his YouTube comments and several Reddit threads have often called out Ali-A for his clickbait content. His video titles are totally unrelated to the content in the video, and the thumbnails are also extremely misleading. People have also accused him of scamming his fans by asking them to subscribe to him to reach out to his viewers.

Ali-A's original fans from his Call of Duty days have already started channeling distaste for the content creator. This made him switch to Fortnite. Right now, his Fortnite fans are unhappy because of all the misleading content.

Regardless, even after all the clickbait, he is still pulling in massive views on the platform. The content creator has a long history with YouTube. But fans are now clicking away from Ali-A's video.

Clickbait or Fortnite: What contributed to the fall of Ali-A?

Clickbait titles and thumbnails might be one reason people avoid clicking on Ali-A videos any longer. However, it is certainly not the only reason. In his video, SunnyV2 compared Ali-A's viewership statistics to Ninja and Fortnite on YouTube, and the three are extremely similar.

Ali-A in a clickbait thumbnail (Image via Ali-A/YouTube)
Ali-A in a clickbait thumbnail (Image via Ali-A/YouTube)

As Fortnite's viewership dropped and people started taking less interest in the Battle Royale game, all its popular content creators also took a hit. While some, like Sypher, have survived by making gameplay videos, Ali-A has focused on updates. Therefore, as players lost interest in what's new in the game, they also lost interest in Ani-A's videos.

The future of Ali-A

The former Fortnite YouTuber has tried making Call of Duty videos once again, but he certainly hasn't received as many views as he did on his Fortnite videos. Ali-A is no longer as popular as he was and, in fact, has a lot of people disliking him.


He recently picked up on the prevailing YouTube trend of reacting to things, and there have been decent views on his channel 'MoreAliA.' It remains to be seen whether he is going to ride that trend or jump off it as soon as there is a new popular game.

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