Game-breaking Fortnite glitch is giving players god mode

Latest Fortnite glitch breaks the game (Image via GKI / Video screenshot)
Latest Fortnite glitch breaks the game (Image via GKI / Video screenshot)
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The latest Fortnite glitch allows players to be completely invincible. This glitch is very useful for winning games with little effort, as it makes players immune to any damage.

Chapter 3 Season 3 has had a lot of glitches, but most of them have been quite minor. Furthermore, there have been a lot of XP glitches that allow players to level up quickly.

Unfortunately, the latest Fortnite glitch completely breaks the game as it gives players a huge advantage. What makes it worse is the fact that it can be done easily and at almost every place on the island.

Considering that the latest glitch is massive and ruins the game, you can expect Epic Games to patch it soon.

Fortnite glitch is making players completely immune to damage

The latest Fortnite glitch was shared by GKI, a popular YouTuber who posts video game glitches on his channel. He mostly uploads content to help the community level up, but also to help Epic Games fix some serious issues.

The latest video from this content creator is about a game-breaking glitch that can be used to earn easy victories. Due to the nature of this glitch, it is important to note that using it to gain advantage in a match is a bannable offense.


To perform this game-breaking Fortnite glitch, players need to undergo the following steps:

  • Tame an animal and ride it next to a vehicle
  • Enter the vehicle while riding an animal and switch seats
  • Jump back on the animal and ride it
  • Once you are back on the animal, you need to move further away from the vehicle and do a double jump. This will activate the glitch and make you both invisible and invincible

The content creator pointed out that this Fortnite glitch will not be done using a keyboard and mouse, which is why he used a controller.

If players want to stop using the glitch, they can simply press the exit button, thus teleporting back to the vehicle. The YouTuber has also clarified that the glitch can be used with many other glitches.

What does this glitch do and is it bannable?

The reason why players are immune to damage while performing this glitch is because they are not in the same place as an enemy. They can damage enemies, but enemies cannot damage them as their body is still in the vehicle.

This is why pressing the exit button teleports players back to the vehicle. As you can see in the video, there is no way for an enemy to see the player who is using this Fortnite glitch.

I quitting Fortnite I got ban for no reason @keylikesstriker

While some glitches are fun to perform, they can get players banned. This glitch allows players to beat their opponents without any skill, but is also a surefire way to earn the ire of the developers.

If players do not have any previous infractions, they will be banned for 24 hours. However, some repeated instances may ban players for a week, a month, or even for life.

This is not a harmless glitch, so if you decide to use it, keep in mind that you will likely get banned.

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