YouTuber discovers Fortnite glitch to reach level 200 insanely fast

The latest Fortnite XP glitch lets players level up very fast (Image via Epic Games)
The latest Fortnite XP glitch lets players level up very fast (Image via Epic Games)
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Asmir Pekmic

Getting XP through a Fortnite glitch has become something many users started doing in the past few seasons. Epic Games usually doesn't ban them for this behavior, so it's considered somewhat acceptable.

While some glitches could help loopers gain XP in the battle royale mode, most are in Creative.

Every day, there are new Creative maps that creators publish to let others level up extremely fast. What makes these maps unique is that gamers can earn massive amounts of XP quickly.

The best part? These are AFK methods, meaning individuals gain XP passively while away from the game.

New Fortnite glitch helps players gain quick levels in minutes

YouTuber GKI once again discovered the latest Fortnite glitch. He is extremely popular for glitches and publishes new content on his channel daily.

Once again, the content creator posted two Creative maps gamers can use to progress through the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass rapidly.

The code for the first map is 7099-1689-0224, and to do the Fortnite glitch, users will have to get on top of a Vending Machine and play any emote. After that, it is necessary to interact with the green button right next to these machines.

The final step includes interacting with the AFK XP button and moving beside dummies to interact with the invisible button. Once done, loopers will start getting massive amounts of XP from the Fortnite glitch.

Readers can check out this video for a visual explanation:


The code for the second map for the Fortnite glitch is 8851-1695-5746. According to the YouTuber, players will receive XP once the map gets calibrated. He also claims that some of his subscribers gained more than 420,000 XP, which is insane!

There is no interaction with the buttons on this map. However, users will have to farm XP with many actions, such as eliminating shooting dummies. The XP will be awarded once the map is calibrated.

This map does have a button for XP, but it has a countdown and cannot be used all the time.

Can Fortnite XP glitches get an account banned?

Epic doesn't pay much attention to loopers using Fortnite glitches in Creative mode to gain XP. With this being said, individuals take a particular risk by using these glitches.

It's important to note that using glitches is against the terms and conditions of Fortnite Battle Royale.

Live soon 😢😩

While most gamers get away with it, using these methods excessively is not a bright idea, or their account could get red-flagged. Fortunately, the first ban is not lengthy and lasts only 24 hours. However, repeated offenses can ban the account for more than 30 days, so readers should use them at their own risk.

Season 3 ends in mid-September, so even if they don't use these methods to get XP, individuals will be able to hit level 100.

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