“He would have been too powerful”: Fortnite community wants Atlas Meowscles from Mount Olympus to be added as a skin

“He would have been too powerful”: Fortnite community wants Atlas Meowscles from Mount Olympus to be added as a skin
The Fortnite community wishes Atlas Meowscles to be turned into a skin (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite has introduced a large variety of skins to the game over the years, with Epic Games constantly introducing outfits and characters with thematic references relating to the current season's theme, and Chapter 5 Season 2: Myths and Mortals is no different. The Greek Mythology season saw various Greek-themed outfits and locations featured during the season, and while many of the game's offerings were exciting, some players think Epic Games could have done better.

This is highlighted in a recent Reddit post shared by a user named MovieENT1, where the player proposed the idea of seeing the Atlas Meowscales statue from the Mount Olympus POI as an outfit in the game. The landmark is one of the most recognizable aspects of the Mount Olympus POI and its addition to the game's cosmetic library would make perfect sense.

The Reddit post attracted a lot of attention from members of the community, with players coming forward to express their opinions on the prospect of seeing Atlas Meowscles as an outfit. Reddit user HEYitsSPIDEY jokingly provided an explanation for Epic Games not adding the outfit to the game, stating:

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“He would have been too powerful”
Comment byu/MovieENT1 from discussion inFortNiteBR
Comments from the community (Image via Reddit/MovieENT1)
Comments from the community (Image via Reddit/MovieENT1)

Other members of the community also took to the comments to give their takes on the potential Atlas Meowscles outfit, with Redditor KawaiiKaiju55 using the moment to highlight the previously hinted-at Greek Fishstick outfit and how that was another potential outfit that never came to fruition.

Meanwhile, user yeetusae expressed how Chapter 5 Season 2 was filled with missed opportunities, with Epic Games missing out on various potential additions that could have added to the Greek Mythology theme of Chapter 5 Season 2. User Odysseymanthebest, on the other hand, suggested that the orb being carried by Atlas Meowscles on Mount Olympus could have been used as the Back Bling for this potential skin.

Highlighting how the Mythic weapons and other elements from Chapter 5 Season 2 were beloved and could lead to Epic Games revisiting Greek Mythology, user shineurliteonme commented:

"The mythics were so good I could see them bringing Greek stuff back another time but with different gods/myths to work with"

Will Atlas Meowscles be added to Fortnite?

The Atlas Meowscles statue (Image via Epic Games)
The Atlas Meowscles statue (Image via Epic Games)

Judging from the reactions of the community, it is clear that the Atlas Meowscles skin is something that players want in Fortnite. So, will Epic Games add the outfit to the game? While the Greek Mythology saga of Chapter 5 Season 2 has seemingly wrapped in Chapter 5 Season 3, both lore and cosmetic-wise, it is important to remember that Epic Games can always revisit certain aspects of the season and bring them back down the line.

This is only made better by the fact that the Mount Olympus POI, along with the Atlas Meowscles statue, is still present on the Chapter 5 map, so Epic Games might still have plans for these elements in the future.

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