A list of free Fortnite cosmetic items arriving on August 31

Free Fortnite cosmetic items
These free cosmetic items will soon be available in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Much to the community's delight, some free Fortnite cosmetic items are coming to the popular video game on Wednesday, August 31. They will be available in the Item Shop, but will be completely free and players will not have to spend any V-Bucks to purchase them.

The upcoming free cosmetics will be released into the game as part of the Rainbow Royale mini event. Epic Games has already released some changes that arrived with the event, but the free cosmetic items will only be available after the next reset of the Item Shop.


In this article, we will explain how to get these free Fortnite cosmetic items, how many there are, and what they look like.

These free Fortnite cosmetic items will be available for a limited time

As was the case before, free Fortnite cosmetic items will only be available in the game's Item Shop for a limited period of time. A total of six different items will be available for free, and to obtain them, players simply need to pick them up from the Item Shop.

The upcoming Fortnite cosmetics will be released on August 31 at 8:00 pm Eastern Time. As soon as the Item Shop resets, players will be able to obtain these free cosmetics.

The following cosmetics will be available for FREE in tonight's Item Shop:• The Dip Emote• Every Heart Emoticon• Prismatic Keepsakes Spray• Say It Proud Lobby Track• Mazy and the Echoes Loading Screen• Rainbow Royale 2022 Loading Screen

Here is the list of Fortnite cosmetic items that will soon be available for free in the Item Shop:

  • The Dip Emote
  • Every Heart Emoticon
  • Prismatic Keepsakes Spray
  • Say It Proud Lobby Track
  • Mazy and the Echoes Loading Screen
  • Rainbow Royale 2022 Loading Screen

Unfortunately, no outfit or skin will be available for free during this event. While several other rainbow-themed outfits and cosmetic items will be added to the Item Shop, players will have to purchase them using V-Bucks.

- Rainbow Radio has been added, it features:Janelle MonáeLil Nas XTodrick HallKing PrincessKim PetrasLady GagaPlus other global LGBTQIA+ artists

In addition to these free Fortnite cosmetic items, Epic Games will release a couple of other items into the video game. Several LGBTQIA+ artists will appear on a brand new radio station called Rainbow Radio, including Lady Gaga, Lil Nas X, King Princess, and others.

Along with these additions, the Battle Bus will now feature a different theme and players will also be able to join a new Creative Island called Rainbow Crossroads. This is where they can obtain even more free cosmetic items, including the Kaleido-Crusher Pickaxe.

Important dates

Epic Games will keep these free Fortnite cosmetic items in the Item Shop for only a limited time, and during this time, every player can claim them. However, once the promotion ends, the cosmetics will be removed.

Furthermore, Epic Games has revealed that the Rainbow Royale event will end on September 16, just one day before Chapter 3 Season 3 comes to an end.

Free Fortnite cosmetics are available for a limited time (Image via Epic Games)
Free Fortnite cosmetics are available for a limited time (Image via Epic Games)

Season 4 of the current chapter is expected to begin on Sunday, September 18, and is expected to feature many changes to the game.

However, before the new season comes out, Epic Games may likely release a minor update. This will be a smaller update which will arrive on Tuesday, September 6, making it the official last update for the season.

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