Epic Games announces a new Fortnite cup with a huge prize pool

A new Fortnite PlayStation tournament is coming in July 2022 (Image via Epic Games)
A new Fortnite PlayStation tournament is coming in July 2022 (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Battle Royale's competitive players have made a lot of money in the past few years. The video game has become very popular among both casual and professional players, which is why Epic Games has released numerous tournaments for it.

The upcoming Fortnite cup will allow players to compete for up to $230,800. The tournament will have multiple stages and a unique set of rules. This will not be a classic battle royale experience, which is going to make this Fortnite cup very interesting.

Epic Games has come up with some free cosmetic items that players can earn while competing in the tournament, even if they don't do well in it.

There will be a Fortnite cup in every week of July

The upcoming Fortnite cup will be open to all PlayStation players, and there will be one tournament in every week of July, starting on July 7 and ending on July 24.

Each cup will have a different game mode, which is something that makes it unique. The top 100 players will compete in the Fortnite PlayStation Cup Finals, which will be the final round of this competitive tournament.

Announcing The July Fortnite PlayStation CupsA Fortnite PlayStation Cup for PS4 and PS5 players begins July 7, 2022. Compete for a chance to win a share of $230,800. Read for more…

In the first Fortnite Cup, which will begin on July 7, players will compete in the Architect game mode. This mode allows players to edit all player-built structures, including the ones that their enemies built.

The second round of the tournament will begin on July 12. In this round, every player will start a match with a pre-determined loadout, similar to Team Rumble and Wick's Bounty limited-time game mode.

The third and final qualifying round will feature a solo competitive scenario with building mechanics.

The top 33 players from the first and second rounds will qualify for the final tournament on July 24, while the 34 best players from the last qualifier will advance to the same.

It is important to note that 100 players from each region will advance to the final Fortnite cup, and the prize pool will be split between them.

Free cosmetic items from the Fortnite cup and scoring

Fortnite players who earn at least eight points in the qualifying rounds will earn different free cosmetic items. There will be three exclusive sprays to earn in total, and players who want to earn them will have to participate in the upcoming tournament.

Survival is the top priority and rewards players with the most points. Players who end up with a victory will get 30 points, while players who finish second will get 25 points.

PlayStation Players!The July PlayStation Cup begins July 7, and will run until July 24 with more offerings! Compete for a total $230,800 prize pool and a chance to qualify for our PlayStation Cup Finals. More details in our blog:

Players will have to make it into the top 15 to earn placement points for survival, which will be extremely difficult.

Each elimination rewards players with a single point during the qualifying rounds, but it will have a higher value in the final cup, and it will be worth two points.

For more details, players can check out the official PlayStation Cup rules. Also, players should make sure to check the Compete tab in the game to see when the tournaments start for them.

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