Fortnite is getting another huge map change at The Daily Bugle

Fortnite is getting another map change as The Daily Bugle is affected by the Reality Tree (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite is getting another map change as The Daily Bugle is affected by the Reality Tree (Image via Epic Games)

The Daily Bugle has been in the game since the release of Chapter 3 and has grown to be one of the most well-known POIs on the map. While this location is quite unique as it's found within a dormant volcano, it seems that players have gotten tired of it.

The location was inspired by the Spider-Man universe as this character was added to the Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass. Many spider webs still litter the area, and players can use them to bounce around and move quickly between the buildings.


Considering that The Daily Bugle has been in the game since late 2021, players have had enough of it and would like it to be replaced by something else. Fortunately, this is going to happen very soon as the Reality Tree has recently spread to it.

The Daily Bugle is getting big changes very soon as a Reality Tree is popping up

The Reality Tree appeared in the area on August 9 and will transform the POI into something else within just a couple of days. Earlier in the season, The Daily Bugle changed its name to The Daily Bloomgle as a reference to the Reality Tree blooming beside it.

At the moment, no one really knows what changes the Reality Tree is going to bring. However, there are some theories about the locations that could replace The Daily Bugle.

#Fortnite Reality Root Watch ๐ŸƒA new Tree Bloom from the Reality Tree has sprouted and can be found at The Daily Bugle! Expect this POI to change soon..

Epic Games is preparing a huge collaboration with Dragon Ball, and according to leaks, the collaboration will bring map changes. Considering that the Reality Tree has already been used to bring in Shuffled Shrines for the Indiana Jones collaboration, this theory makes a lot of sense.

The Reality Tree has mostly brought back locations from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, including Neo Tilted, Lazy Lagoon, and Coral Castle. This is why some players believe The Daily Bugle will be no exception.

In Chapter 1, a volcano was released into the game with Season 8. This season, it was simply an active volcano that had a few chests inside of it. However, Epic Games turned it into Pressure Plant in Season 9, and this place became popular as a huge Mecha robot was built inside of it.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, it wouldn't be surprising if Epic brings Pressure Plant back to the game.

Next Fortnite update details

The v21.40 Fortnite update is scheduled for Tuesday, August 16. This major update will bring many new things to the game and possibly include the Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration.

The Reality Tree usually changes locations within a few days of its appearance, but if Epic Games really intends to bring a Dragon Ball POI to the video game, the next map change may take a week.

The Daily Bugle will be renamed to the "Daily Bloomgle" once the Reality Bloom touches it!

Fortnite players are excited about The Daily Bloomgle and the changes it will bring. While the current location is extremely popular as it has more than 40 chests, the truth is that the POI has run its course, which is why players can't wait for it to be replaced.

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