Fortnite player creates amazing Juice WRLD live event in the game

Fortnite Juice Wrld live event
Fortnite Juice WRLD live event has been made by a modder (Image via Sportskeeda)

Trimix, a popular content creator who makes incredible mods, has created an incredible Juice WRLD live event in Fortnite. He used 3D software, some Fortnite assets, motion-capture devices, and a lot of imagination to bring the live event to the game.

The final result is amazing, and it almost looks like something Epic Games would release as an event. The video has received more than 700,000 views in less than a week.

Trimix was inspired by previous concerts in the game, such as The Astronomical (Travis Scott) and Rift Tour (Ariana Grande). Certain elements from these events can be seen in the video.

As you can see below, the fan-made Juice WRLD live event looks amazing. The event lasts for six minutes and features some of the most popular songs by the rapper. During the event, the modder wore the Jonesy Unchained skin.


A Juice WRLD live event is something many players want to see in Fortnite. The rapper, who tragically passed away in December 2019, is very popular in the community, and some of his songs have already been added to the game.

While there have been leaks regarding a potential Juice WRLD live event in Fornite, Epic Games hasn't confirmed anything yet. A popular Juice WRLD song being played in a Rift Tour post-launch video gave rise to the speculation, and the musician's manager further fuelled it with his activity on social media.

How was the Fortnite Juice WRLD live event made?

Trimix published a separate video explaining the process behind the fan-made Juice WRLD live event in Fortnite Battle Royale. He initially picked six popular songs by the rapper to be used during the event:

  • Lean wit me
  • Robbery
  • Legends
  • Wishing well
  • Burn
  • Lucid dreams

The Fortnite content creator tried to emulate music videos by the famous rapper, which is why he created different scenes using 3D software. He also used his own 3D model of the rapper.


One of the most challenging parts of creating the live event in Fortnite was adding animations. Fortunately, Trimix had an incredible motion-capture suit that allowed him to capture his own movements and transfer them into the game. He also used a mobile phone app that allowed him to lip-sync to songs and transfer these animations to the 3D model of the rapper.

Trimix used different outfits for the rapper, trying to match the outfits worn by him in music videos of the songs he picked. After more than three months, the video was completed and published on his incredible YouTube channel.

The fan-made Juice WRLD Fortnite concert was inspired by the previous music events in the game (Image via Epic Games)
The fan-made Juice WRLD Fortnite concert was inspired by the previous music events in the game (Image via Epic Games)

Trimix is one of the best Fortnite modders and is well-known for some incredible mods. This is not the first time that he has created custom mods, as he's made other fan-made live events in the past.

The content creator doesn't release videos often. However, each video that he's published is incredible and deserves a lot of praise.

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