Fortnite player reaches Level 100 in just a few hours

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Fortnite player needed only seven hours to finish the Battle Pass (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Battle Royale players have had a lot of complaints involving XP (experience points) in Chapter 3 Season 3. When the season was first released, most of them weren't happy with how slowly they were making progress. However, one gamer has since proved that leveling up is extremely easy, managing to get to Level 100 in just a few hours.

The trick to speeding up progression is simply completing weekly challenges. Each one rewards players with 15,000 XP, which is more than enough to gain a couple of levels. Furthermore, completing the tasks earns gamers extra experience points as they have to survive, eliminate enemies, and so on.

Reaching Fortnite Level 100 is extremely easy near a season's end

Back when Epic Games released Chapter 3 Season 3, players did not have access to many challenges. This is why there were numerous complaints regarding progression related to the Battle Pass. However, things have improved since the developers started releasing weekly Fortnite challenges, through which a couple of extra levels could be obtained.

Redditor ThatOneWooper has had an interesting tradition they follow at the end of every season in Chapter 3. The user waits till the last few days of the season to level up his account to Level 100.

In Chapter 3 Season 1, the Fortnite player took eight hours to unlock the Spider-Man outfit. Interestingly, Seasons 2 and 3 saw them reach Level 100 in just seven hours, which shows how easy it can be to make Battle Pass progress.

According to the player, completing weekly challenges is the key to leveling up fast, as doing so can get players up to Level 80. Considering how easy the tasks are, they can be completed very quickly and without much effort.

Darth Vader is the Level 100 reward in the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass (Image via Epic Games)
Darth Vader is the Level 100 reward in the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass (Image via Epic Games)

The player also revealed that they wait until the final set of weekly challenges comes out to start their journey towards Level 100. It's also important to note that the Redditor does this through an alternate account that they use to quickly make BP progress at the end of seasons.

Players have to reach Level 100 on the Battle Pass to unlock all the basic rewards, including Darth Vader. However, getting to 200 is a requirement for obtaining every single BP item, from extra emoticons to additional skin styles.

Fortnite XP glitches

Many Fortnite players are unable to play regularly, yet they want to complete the entire Battle Pass. Fortunately, there are some XP glitches that can help them do that. These bugs can be employed in the Creative mode, and gamers can get a couple of BP levels every hour through them.

Unfortunately, most Fortnite XP glitches are patched within a few days, so gamers have to use them while they are still around. Taking advantage of them does not reward players with as much experience as completing weekly quests, but it's a great way to level up passively while being away from a gaming system.

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