Fortnite players will soon be able to delete skins from lockers, thanks to an upcoming feature

This new feature makes Mancake happy (Image via MightyMishok/Twitter)
This new feature makes Mancake happy (Image via MightyMishok/Twitter)

While the purchase of cosmetics is a big business in Fortnite, they tend to become controversial or annoying at times. Players often end up buying items on a whim or due to FOMO. However, after a certain amount of time, having them in the locker becomes a nuisance.

If the selection is left at random, unwanted cosmetics keep getting equipped. Eventually, players will have to contact the Epic Games support team to ask them to delete some. This is both time consuming and, to be honest, rather annoying for both parties involved.

After years of enduring this, it seems that the developers have found a brilliant solution to this problem. According to the leakers, it's been in development for a while and should be implemented shortly. That being said, here's everything to know about the upcoming Archiving system in Fortnite.

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Fortnite's Archiving system will give players more control over cosmetics

For those unaware, getting rid of a certain cosmetic item from the locker is time consuming. Players have to get in touch with Epic Games' support team and the process may take a few days worth of emailing back and forth.

Depending on the level of communication, mistakes are made at times and the wrong cosmetic items get deleted.

To avoid this and other unforeseen circumstances, Epic Games has been working on a system known as Archiving. What's brilliant about it is that players will be able to "delete" items from their lockers and send them into their own personal cosmetics' vault. They will not appear when the cosmetic loadout is set to random and will be stored safely for later use.

This system will have two major advantages. The first being that Fortnite's support team will be freed up to allow them to deal with more important matters. Given how rapidly the player base has grown, the number of tickets being raised daily has increased manyfold.

Secondly, players will retain all their cosmetics in their archive and will be able to use them in the future if they feel like it. There's nothing worse than getting rid of something and then wanting it back later. This system will ensure that this never happens. Here's a video with more information on the matter.


When can players expect this new feature to be integrated into Fortnite?

As with all the new major features in Fortnite, this one will likely be introduced at the start of the new season. It could be Chapter 3 Season 4 or perhaps the next one. With the number of bugs that have come into existence in Chapter 3, Epic Games is likely not going to rush the release of the Archiving system.

The last thing the developers would want to hear about is cosmetics disappearing from players' accounts en masse. Having said that, Epic Games is likely to share information about this new feature soon. Perhaps in tomorrow's (July 18) update, leakers will provide fresh insight on the new system.

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