Fortnite Season 8 leaks: Operation Sky Fire teaser, new season theme color, and The Foundation returns

The first official Fortnite Season 8 leaks have begun to drop (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
The first official Fortnite Season 8 leaks have begun to drop (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
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With only two days left, the first of many Fortnite Season 8 leaks have begun to push through the cracks. A few moments ago, Epic Games released a teaser of Operation Sky Fire, accompanied by a foreshadowing warning of something far more sinister.

While it's unclear what this could be, if Mari feels that it is important enough to warn players, something is definitely not right.

Fortnite Season 8 leaks have jump-started the hype-train

1) Mari warns players about Operation Sky Fire

Operation Sky Fire is already one of the most anticipated end-of-season events. By now, most players are well aware of the fact that the Mothership will come crashing down.

Dr Slone herself will personally board the alien vessel to deliver a final message to the alien invaders. However, according to Mari, there could be a few more problems than first thought.

Mari, who began reporting on UFO activities at the end of Fortnite Season 6 and has been a constant guide to players throughout the current season, is now warning them that the Mothership is not the only thing to be worried about.

2) New season theme colors

With every new Fortnite season, a brand new color scheme is introduced to the game. As for Fortnite Season 7, the color featured were greenish-blue hues to signify the alien theme

While this image is more of a color scheme ideation than a Fortnite Season 8 leak, it provides some clues into what sort of theme Fortnite Season 8 might have in store.

While it's all speculation at this time, given that the Mothership is about to go down during "Operation Sky Fire," the yellowish-red hues seen in the image could represent the aftermath of the explosion and subsequent fiery destruction of several POIs in-game.

3) The Foundation returns

The most prominent Fortnite Season 8 leak to come out thus far features the Foundation in the most recent PlayStation Showcase. He can be seen on a poster within the video at 0:35.

While nothing is confirmed now, given that The Foundation plays a vital role in the storyline, the enigmatic character may be returning to Fortnite during Season 8.

On the flip side, the Foundation being embedded into a showcase may have just been an Easter Egg for fans to spot. Nothing can be said with certainty as of now. Hopefully, more Fortnite Season 8 leaks will begin to surface over the weekend and provide a clearer idea of things to come.

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