Fortnite Summer event revealed by Epic Games

Epic Games has announced a new Fortnite event for Summer 2022 (Image via Epic Games)
Epic Games has announced a new Fortnite event for Summer 2022 (Image via Epic Games)

Another Fortnite summer event is coming soon. Epic Games has revealed the name of the event and some other details. It seems like players are in for a treat.

The developer has announced a special community event for loopers to participate in. It is all about Creative mode maps that could be featured during the upcoming Fortnite Summer event.

Besides the Creative part, users will get lots of new content, including skins, fun game modes, and questions and challenges.

Overall, this should be another fun Fortnite summer.

Fortnite Summer event is coming soon

The previous Fortnite Summer event was released in late June, so fans can expect the same this year. The Fortnite Cosmic Summer celebration began on June 22 last year, meaning the upcoming event could start next week.

The previous summer events in Fortnite were extremely fun (Image via Epic Games)
The previous summer events in Fortnite were extremely fun (Image via Epic Games)

Epic hasn’t revealed the event release date, so nothing has been confirmed. However, the only date announced in the latest Fortnite blog post is July 5. This is the deadline for gamers to submit their creations.

This could mean the upcoming summer event will start on July 5. But it could also mean that fan-built creations will be released during the event.

The Fortnite Summer event will be called “No Sweat Summer.” Players who make the best summer-themed islands in Creative can have their creations featured in the Discover tab in the game.

The Fortnite No Sweat Summer Creator CalloutCreators it is time for the Fortnite No Sweat Summer Creator Callout! Create a summer themed Island for a chance to be featured in Discover. Read for…

The custom maps should be all about summer, like water parks, adventures, fishing contests, etc. They should also be player-friendly and utilize newly released devices such as Surf Boards and Water Device.

The Fortnite creator would also like users to include Chapter 3 movement mechanics in their custom islands, such as sprinting and sliding. And, of course, these maps have to be unique.

Finally, Epic has clarified that only one submission is allowed per creator. They are also required to create a video overview of their island.

Submissions can be sent through a form on Fortnite’s official website by July 5, 11.59 pm Eastern Time, or they will not be considered.

New challenges, quests, skins, and more

The previous Fortnite Summer events all had many new things released to the game, including new cosmetic items. Fans can expect some new summer-themed skins to hit the Item Shop in the next few weeks.

Furthermore, Epic has clarified that users will receive new challenges during the Fortnite Summer event. It will help them level up and possibly reward unique cosmetic items.

This Summer event will again have Creative challenges instead of Battle Royale challenges 🫠The challenges will grant XP and FREE cosmetics, though!(via @iFireMonkey)

In the past few years, the Fortnite creator has also released special limited-time game modes during the summer. However, that may not be the case this year, as the focus seems to be on creator-built experiences. This is the reason, after all, why Epic is asking loopers to submit their custom creations.

If readers want to create their summer-themed maps, they may go into Creative mode and start working on them right now. May the best map win.

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