Fortnite update patch notes (1st June, 2021): UFO's, Team Rumble disabled, New LTMs and more

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The latest Fortnite update has brought some new elements to the Battle Royale game. Today's update focuses on Limited Time Modes. New modes are available now, and as a result, some others have been played for the final time (until they return). These are the update patch notes.

Fortnite update patch notes

This update brings two new Limited Time Modes to Fortnite. One of them, Unvaulted, has been a fan favorite in years past. Some players lament when their favorite weapons enter the vault. Losing a good weapon in the game for a new one can be unpleasant for players. However, this game mode lets players use all the weapons that are normally in the vault, giving them a familiar game mode and a break from using the other weapons.

The other Limited Time Mode, however, is a familiar face with a new twist. As @iFireMonkey points out, the Arsenal mode has not been a Squad mode until now. This LTM starts in a smaller Storm Circle with a smaller number of players. Each player has one weapon which is the same, and that weapon lowers in rarity each time a player gets an elimination. 30 eliminations with each available weapon wins the game. A guide on how to play this LTM can be found here.

A casualty of those new LTM's is Car Royale - Team Rumble. As the image on the tweet says, this LTM is a team mode focused on using in-game vehicles. Team Rumble has been an LTM in Fortnite for a while now, but Car Royale has a different approach to a familiar mode. Some fans, however, weren't too keen on this mode, so this may be a welcome change.

UFO's may be coming to Fortnite. Image via Sportskeeda

Other fans are waiting for UFOs that have been potentially discovered by data miners. There is no release date yet, but fans are waiting in anticipation of them. For now, it appears the UFOs will have to wait. Perhaps they'll coincide with the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. Considering this would a pretty drastic gameplay change, adding it to the new season sounds pretty likely.

A key addition is the "Royale Origins" skins, which includes Fortnite's original default skins for Vintage Ramirez, Vanguard Banshee, Wildstreak One and Hawk Classic. Several other new skins were added as well.

Vintage Ramirez skin. Image via Pro Game Guides
Vintage Ramirez skin. Image via Pro Game Guides

This is a relatively small update, but given the fact that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is a mere days away, Epic Games wasn't going to send out a big update before needing to do so again a few days later. This update seems to simply be a typical LTM update, giving the players some new Limited Time Modes to play in lieu of the Battle Royale mode. Chapter 2 Season 7 drops very soon, so be on the lookout for that.

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