Fortnite Update v19.20 patch notes: Covert Cavern, Foundation skin, Heavy Shotgun, and more

The Fortnite update v19.20 has brought some huge changes to the game (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
The Fortnite update v19.20 has brought some huge changes to the game (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

Although Fortnite downtime is still active, there are a lot of leaks that have gone live. As of now, a brand new POI has been added to the game, alongside a new collectible item called "Feather."

Certain weapons have been nerfed, a powerful shotgun has been added back, and a new IO Boss NPC is going to make life hell for players.

Here are the major changes implemented to the game during the Fortnite v19.20 update.

Patch notes for the Fortnite v19.20 updates

1) The Imagined Order has made their home in Covert Cavern

The Imagined Order finally has a base on the Flipside of the island. According to the latest information from leakers, the base is huge. It features docks, an excavation site, buildings, and much more.

New "Monkey Grave" files have been added, including defined emotes to be played:- Base- Hold On- Need To Go- Point- Spy GlassIt also appears "Monkey Grave" is this IO Guard:

In addition to the base, a new IO guard variant code named "Monkey Grave" has also been added in. Based on speculation, these are elite IO guards or perhaps a stronger version of the original ones.

2) IO Brute

IO Brute is now named "Gunnar" & the SMG is named "Mythic Gunnar's Stinger SMG"

Speaking of Brutes, a new one called Gunnar has been added to the game. According to the files, the brute has 650 HP and shields. This makes it one of the strongest-ever NPCs in Fortnite.

The IO Brute is OP!!- 650 HP- 650 Shield- Has a Charge Dash attack with 10 seconds cooldown- Has a Mythic SMG- Throws Grenades

In addition to the large HP and shield pool, it has a Charge Dash attack with a 10-second cooldown. The NPC also carries around a Mythic SMG and throws grenades at would-be attackers.

3) Feathers and Haven Mask challenges

Here are all the #Fortnite Haven masks that got added with 19.20 btw !

Much like Rainbow Ink from last season, Feathers can be used to craft Haven's Masks. There are quite a few that players can make and wear in-game. However, it's unclear whether completing these challenges will yield any XP as well.

4) Stinger SMG/MK7 nerf and Heavy Shotgun makes a return

STINGER SMG & MK7 NERF and REVOLVER BUFF:- SMG Damage from: 18/19/20/21/22/24 to 16/17/18/19/20/22- MK7 Damage from: 21/22/23/24/25/26 to 20/21/22/23/24/25- Revolver's kickback after shooting has been reduced

After dominating the game for close to two months, the Stinger SMG and MK-7 AR are finally being nerfed. Both weapons are receiving a slight damage reduction. It remains to be seen how this affects gameplay.

Heavy Shotgun is Back!- Can be obtained from Chests, Floor Loot, Supply Drops & Sharks- Shoots 1 Pellet unlike other shotguns & fire rate is 1.3- Common's Damage is 81, Headshot is 142 & Reload Time is 4.8s- Legendary's Damage is 99, Headshot is 173 & reload time is 3.9s

In addition to the nerfs, the Heavy Shotgun is back in the game. It's still as powerful as ever and can be obtained from floor loot, supply drops, and sharks. However, players will need to be accurate as they can only fire a single pellet per shot.

5) The Foundation and Queen of Hearts skin


Alongside the most hyped skin in Fortnite, a few others have been added to the game as well. Notably, Queen of Hearts, who was a survey skin, will soon be added to the item shop.

The Foundation's Built-In Emote!

Going back to the Foundation, it would seem that the skin has a built-in emote, which, when activated, the helmet retracts to reveal his face. It's unclear whether the helmet will stay retracted or go back to normal after a while.

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