Fortnite: YouTuber discovers new hack that makes weapons shoot 10x faster 

Latest Fortnite hack allows players to shoot their weapons incredibly fast (Image via Reisshub/YouTube)
Latest Fortnite hack allows players to shoot their weapons incredibly fast (Image via Reisshub/YouTube)

Fortnite hacks have been around for more than four years. Ever since the battle royale title became popular, hacks and glitches have become a huge issue, as shown in the latest YouTube video.

The hacker in focus here used a cheat that makes weapons shoot more than 10 times faster, which is simply insane. It is impossible to defend against this hack, especially when it's paired with an aimbot.

Fortunately, Epic Games has gone above and beyond to prevent hacks in the popular video game. However, they still happen from time to time and ruin the fun for others.

A new type of Fortnite hack was recently spotted as several players died to it. The game developer is most likely investigating it and could release a fix that will prevent cheaters from using it.

Latest Fortnite hack is simply unstoppable

YouTube user DailyMongraal posted a short clip of the latest hack in action. The player was looting Rave Cave early in the game, but then all of a sudden, he was eliminated in less than half a second.


The player had full health and shield bars, but not even this was enough to stop the hacker from eliminating him.

The Charge SMG, which is the newest weapon in the title, is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage in less than a second. However, the hacker did not use this weapon.

As can be seen in the clip above, DailyMongraal was eliminated by the hacker who was using the DMR, a new weapon that has been added in Chapter 3 Season 3.

The DMR is a semi-automatic marksman rifle that has a fire rate of 2.5 bullets per second. However, the latest Fortnite hack allowed it to unload the entire magazine in just a fraction of a second.

The player kept spectating the hacker and witnessed another unfair elimination. It turns out that the hacker used several other hacks, including one for unlimited ammo in the magazine and an aimbot.

Considering that the hacker did not even hide their name in the game, Epic Games has probably banned them already.

An additional anti-cheat system is in place to deter hackers

Fortnite Battle Royale's v21.20 update, which was released on July 6, added a new anti-cheat system to the popular video game.

Before the update, Epic Games had EasyAntiCheat and BattlEye anti-cheat systems in the game. Now, players will also be protected by Byfron.

Epic implemented another anticheat system called "Byfron" on top of the 2 existing ones EasyAntiCheat & Battle Eye. It makes cheating harder and it's also the reason why in-game leaks didn't happen today, and also why Fortnite is currently broken on Windows 7.

Epic has done a lot to prevent hacks in the title, going as far as taking hack developers to court and suing them. This is a big reason why they are not as frequent in Fortnite as in other games.

Unfortunately, there are still some incredible hacks on the market that players can purchase and use. Using these cheating tools is a guaranteed way to get a lifetime ban from the video game. Furthermore, Epic Games is known for banning machines and IP addresses, not just accounts.

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