New Fortnite glitch makes players invisible in Chapter 3 Season 3

New Fortnite glitch allows players to become invisible (Image via Epic Games)
New Fortnite glitch allows players to become invisible (Image via Epic Games)

Interestingly, the latest Fortnite glitch allows players to become completely invisible. This strange glitch seems to have been accidentally caused by the v21.40 update that was released on Tuesday, August 16.

The update has brought numerous new additions to the game, but most importantly, players finally got the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super collaboration. While the collaboration itself has been incredible so far, it appears that Epic Games has messed up other elements of the game.

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The latest update has brought a new Fortnite glitch which gives players a huge advantage over their opponents. Considering how serious this glitch is, it is likely that Epic Games will fix it very soon.

In this article, we will take a look at the Fortnite invisibility glitch, what causes it, and how to protect yourself against it.

Players can become invisible with latest Fortnite glitch

Epic Games has added tents to the Fortnite spawn island with the v21.40 update. This is a rather surprising change as no one really knows why it was added there. However, it turns out that this change broke the game by causing yet another Fortnite glitch.

As many players are aware, tents can be used for several different purposes. They are mostly used to stash weapons and items, but players can also rest and hide inside them.

To perform the latest Fortnite glitch, a player simply needs to claim an abandoned tent on the spawn island and hide inside it.


As seen in the video above, this Fortnite glitch is quite straightforward and simple to execute. As soon as the Battle Bus launches and the player jump out of it, they will be completely invisible.

GKI, the YouTuber who posted the glitch, clarified that using the jump button while falling will teleport invisible players far away. After this teleportation, players will not be affected by the invisibility glitch. Furthermore, players will be teleported close to the spawn island, which means that they will likely die from storm damage.

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If you suspect that an enemy is using this invisibility glitch, there isn't much that a player can do about it. If they're playing the classic mode, players can simply try to build or run away. Additionally, the newly added Nimbus Cloud is a fantastic mobility item that can be used to escape enemies.

It's important to note that this is a game-breaking glitch that players could be banned for. If you decide to use it, chances are that enemies will report you and your account will be banned.

Abusing Fortnite glitches can result in a long-term ban (Image via Epic Games)
Abusing Fortnite glitches can result in a long-term ban (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite bans usually last for up to seven days for first-time offenses, but abusing serious glitches can very well result in a lifetime ban. Because of this, players are advised not to use such glitches to earn victories.

Much like other glitches in Fortnite, this latest one is likely to be fixed by the game's developers very soon.

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