Fortnite reveals Ali-A's Icon series skin, fans go wild

Ali-A's icon series skin has finally been leaked and is arriving soon to the loop (Image via Twitter/Ali-A)
Ali-A's icon series skin has finally been leaked and is arriving soon to the loop (Image via Twitter/Ali-A)

Fortnite skins are a commodity in themselves, especially when they are inspired by pop culture franchises like Marvel and DC, as well as real-life celebrities and content creators. Players who own these skins show it off with pride and are considered OGs of the game.

The game introduced the concept of the Icon Series skin, which features famous musicians, content creators, and several pros. The first-ever Icon Series skin dedicated to a Fortnite streamer was of Ninja. His skin concept was loved by the entire community, which in turn motivated Epic to introduce more such content creators to the game by dedicating an Icon Series skin for their contributions in the game.

Till date, creators like Grefg, Lazarbeam, Lachlan, Loserfruit, and Chica have received their respective Icon Series skins and cosmetics in-game alongside Ninja. However, there is one creator who has been famous for his Fortnite content videos ever since the OG days. Ali-A has been around since the game's launch, and it seems like he is getting his own skin, and fans can't stop talking about it.

Fortnite reveals Ali-A's Icon Series skin


Ali-A has dropped several hints over the past few months over a potential Icon Series skin that he might be featured in. Turns out, the leaks and speculation are coming to be real as the streamer accidentally leaked his skin before its launch via an Amazon listing of one of his 2017 graphic novels, Ali-A Adventures: Game On! The Graphic Novel. The 2017 graphic novel is penned by Ali-A and Cavan Scott and is illustrated by Aleksandar Sotirovski.

The novel cover consists of Ali wearing a blue outfit with his signature cap, as most Fortnite fans are aware of. But that's not all.

Ali-A last night tweeted a video of the Guild skin that resembles his style, with his voice saying goodbye to the community and telling them that he will return soon in 24 hours in a brand new avatar. The video ends with a creative map code which can be seen as: 5135-8778-2901 and a timer counting down the 24 hours.

.@OMGitsAliA ICON SKIN REVEAL TOMORROW!! 🔥🔥Creative Map: 5135-8778-2901

Turns out the code leads to a Creative Island with a skin reveal which will be done today, within the map. It has also been leaked that players who will attend the reveal event will receive a free cosmetic spray which is part of Ali-A's upcoming cosmetics set.

@HYPEX @OMGitsAliA The GOAT is coming. The GOAT being Ali-A. Best Fortnite Youtuber I’ve ever watched alongside Lachlan
@HYPEX @OMGitsAliA His emote better be his intro or its a diplodoculus with finger guns

Fans of the streamer went wild after the leak and are awaiting his skin reveal. However, they also have several expectations from his cosmetic set, which might also feature an emote like other Icon Series skins.

Fans want Ali-A's famous intro or the Diplodoculus with Finger Guns to be a part of his emote. Although there hasn't been an official confirmation on his skin, Fortnite will be releasing official news after the reveal of his skin in the Creative Island.

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