Ranking the 6 most disliked Fortnite emotes, from least hated to most

Advanced Math emote (Image via Epic Games)
Advanced Math emote (Image via Epic Games)

Over the years, there have been thousands of different emotes in Fortnite. There have been collaborative dances like Dance Monkey or Blinding Lights in the Icon Series, simple emotes like T-Pose, and traversal emotes like Chugga Chugga.

Lots of emotes are incredibly popular and players love using them. Most gamers take every opportunity to emote in-game, in the lobby, and on the loading island. They are especially fun when used at the right time and in the right place.

However, due to many circumstances, some emotes are less popular than others. Sometimes it's because the emote isn't that good and sometimes it's because it's downright toxic. Here are a few examples of the most hated Fortnite emotes right now.

6 Fortnite emotes that send players into a fit of rage

6) Eagle

So one of the worst #Fortnite emotes I’ve seen so far is called EAGLE. Coincidence? Doubtful.

The Eagle emote is less than popular. It's been in the game for a long time, but that hasn't helped its popularity. It's aggressive, kind of annoying and relatively useless. There's no good time to use it either for fun or for comedic effect. It's not iconic like T-Pose, so there's really not a lot of reasons to use it.

Additionally, the music is loud and obnoxious and most gamers probably don't want to hear that while they're playing the game.

5) Dance Monkey

quite possibly the worst emote ever added to fortnite…

Dance Monkey was pretty highly anticipated in that it was teased a lot. Epic Games announced it and leakers hyped it up before it was finally released. However, the final product didn't stick with the players.

The song isn't great, nor is the dance. Tones and I has plenty of songs to choose from and Dance Monkey just didn't land with gamers the way Epic Games probably though it would. As a result, it became one of the most hated emotes of all time.

4) Advanced Math

And there it is. The worst Fortnite emote...

Not many gamers are big fans of math, and they'd probably prefer it not to be a big part of their video game experience. When Epic Games came up with a math-based emote, they probably thought it would be more popular.

They even added a dance to the math and some pretty intense music. Those additions didn't land either, as many Fortnite gamers just really don't like this emote.

It was introduced in Chapter 2 Season 2 and got forgotten pretty quickly.

3) Go Home


The Go Home emote is pretty toxic. Its only purpose is to send players back home, i.e. the lobby.

Whenever this is used after an elimination, the eliminated player is more than likely very frustrated. For that reason, most players don't like it.

2) Renegade

Renegade emote (Image via Fortnite Wiki)
Renegade emote (Image via Fortnite Wiki)

Renegade was one of the most popular dances on TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms for a long time when it ultimately made it into Fortnite. At the time, it wasn't a bad idea at all.

Popular TikTok dances often get added to the battle royale (like Blinding Lights and others), but if they're not amazing, then they quickly become disliked.

The dance fell out of favor and at this point, no one's doing it on any social media platform. It's often used as a joke, but it's one of the most disliked emotes in the game.

1) Laugh It Up

Worst fortnite emote of all time

Laugh It Up is perhaps the most toxic emote of all time. There are plenty of people that use it all the time against their opponents and it's toxic every single time. Despite it being used a lot, not a single player in the game appreciates it being used against them.

For that reason, Laugh It Up is arguably the least liked emote of all time.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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