Fortnite Blue Cube is expected to bring major map changes towards end of season

The Fortnite Blue Cube could be the answer to stopping the corruption (Image via kettlesmash/Twitter)
The Fortnite Blue Cube could be the answer to stopping the corruption (Image via kettlesmash/Twitter)

Unlike the other cubes currently on the island, the Fortnite Blue Cube is acting and reacting uniquely. Instead of spreading corruption, chaos, and ruining the landscape, it sits peacefully, surrounded by lush green trees at a new Season 8 POI known as Friendly Forest.

Staying true to his "Friendly" disposition, Bluevin, as named by the developers, mostly keeps to himself in the forest, and those curious enough to venture out and interact with him will receive a pleasant surprise.

Fortnite just named The Blue Cube: "Bluevin"

Unknown to many players, even to date, unlike the other cubes that bounce players around and provide a mobility boost, Bluevin recharges a player's shield when interacted with.

While this is a very cool feature, players must be wondering what the Blue Cube's role is in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. Given that it hasn't moved since the season began, what exactly is the purpose? One Cube Tracker may have the answer.

The Blue Cube. 🥺 🧊it gives you 20 of shield every touch btw. (shield only)#Fortnite #FortniteSeason8

Fortnite Blue Cube may determine fate of island towards the end of season

According to FNCubeWatch, one of the most prominent pages on Twitter providing information on all Cube events, the Fortnite Blue Cube may start to levitate towards the end of the season.

While it's unclear what this means, there is no explanation for how the cube will rise on its own. Given that the Gold Cube or Queen Cube has been responsible for triggering all awakening events on the island, does this mean that Bluevin will also be awoken in the same way?

The blue cube should start rising up towards the end of the season

Because the Fortnite Blue Cube was turned and made into a good cube or made sentient, it's doubtful that the Gold Cube would be able to impose her will or affect him in any way.

If that is the case, then something or someone else will be responsible for triggering and awakening the Fortnite Blue Cube. Much like the Purple Cubes that spawn tiny cubes, Bluevin could also begin creating its cubes to fight back against the corruption.

Perhaps the Blue Cubes will then set out across the island, purifying it and healing the land once more. Maybe it brings peace to the island and destroys the Purple Cubes. Perhaps the Fortnite Blue Cube helps to create a giant snow-covered map, as one fan predicts.

@ChandlerCain9 @fortnite_indigo remember when ice king used a blue cube shard and it spread the snow and brought the ice zombies? Maybe this blue cube brings a big snow storm and spreads snow everywhere

Whatever the case, it's far too early to say now. However, with the Fortnite 18.20 update around the corner, leakers may be able to get their hands on some more information about the Fortnite Blue Cube sooner rather than later.

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