Midas' Doomsday device now stands tall on the Fortnite Chapter 3 map

The Doomsday Device returns with a fresh and even more terrifying look (Image via Twitter/HYPEX)
The Doomsday Device returns with a fresh and even more terrifying look (Image via Twitter/HYPEX)

Fortnite brings back the horrors of Chapter 2 back to the flipped island with its latest update. In the ongoing Chapter 3, several OG POIs and elements have made a comeback to the game with several changes dedicated to it. Out of those changes, loopers were also keen to see the comeback of a few missing characters that were left on the old map.

One of those characters, whose disappearance is still a mystery to many, is Midas. There have been several speculations and leaks related to Midas' return after his loss in Chapter 2 Season 2 when his Doomsday Device failed to accomplish the task at hand to break the loop. However, the leaks are proving to be true as an energy tower, similar to the Device, is going to be standing tall on the island very soon, hinting at the character's return or alliance with the Imagined Order.

Midas' Doomsday Device arrives to Fortnite Chapter 3 island with a twist


The Doomsday Device gets a hefty Imagined Order makeover in the latest v20.40 update, which might be the final major update the game goes through before stepping into the next season. Codenamed 'The Tower,' the device stands tall near Loot Lake POI, next to The Fortress. The tower projects an energy beam upwards in the sky from beneath itself.

NEW POI CODENAME: "The Tower"At the start of the season, I talked about a "The Seven Tower" - This might be the thing I heard about!

Moreover, the tower seems to have launchpads placed on its sides for loopers to travel across and launch themselves up in the air, to gain height advantage. The Tower will be a separate Fortnite POI that also features Ascenders and a strong wind current flowing around it that can launch players in the air.

The Doomsday Device is set to have some periodic pulses that either enable glider redeploy, low gravity or extra speed. I might be wrong or this might be scrapped so well see!

Further leaks also show that the device is set to send out periodic pulses that will either redeploy the player's glider contained in it or offer them low gravity or extra speed once they are out of it, a similar concept to Lightning in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. There have also been potential leaks where the weekly quests challenge players to glide in the tower's energy field.

In the leaked Fortnite quests for Week 10 Challenges, it can be seen that players need to fly into The Collider's energy field that will send the loopers flying. This proves that the tower is not called the Doomsday Device anymore. The Seven and the loopers are calling the tower, The Collider, that runs on a levitating energy field.

As loopers receive this season's final major update, a potential live event has also been leaked, which may bring back characters from the past like Prisoner Jonesy and The Paradigm. Some have also suggested that the Mechs will return to the game, but nothing has been confirmed by Epic Games as of yet.

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