Marvel comic book cover reveals new skins for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Latest Marvel Comic leak shows a hero entering the loop in Chapter 3 (Image via Marvel)
Latest Marvel Comic leak shows a hero entering the loop in Chapter 3 (Image via Marvel)
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Fortnite has had a successful collaboration with Marvel Comics and movies ever since the heroes entered the loop. The game saw a rapid increase in players in Chapter 2, due to which Epic dedicated an entire season to a Marvel storyline called Nexus War. In the season, loopers and heroes went against Galactus to save the Zero Point.

Along with the collaboration, various skins arrived, ranging from Iron Man to Thor to even the Daredevil. Until, in the following seasons, skins like Carnage, Black Panther, Hawkeye, and Spider-Man made an appearance as well. A recent announcement by Marvel Comics on another collaboration with Fortnite, shows another hero who might enter the loop and in-game as well.

Marvel Comic Book cover shows Shuri coming to Fortnite in Chapter 3 Season 2

The Marvel Universe collides with the Island in another crossover! @FortniteGame and Marvel heroes hunt down the Zero Shard in a new five-part comic mini-series launching this June! #MarvelComics…
New Fortnite X Marvel comic drops in June!(Thanks to @h33pstruniverse for telling me!)

A recent tweet by Marvel Entertainment's account announced a five-part comic mini-series titled Zero War. The series will focus on Marvel Heroes teaming up with soldiers from Fortnite Island to hunt the Zero Shard. Apart from the existing Spider-Man and Wolverine outfits in-game, three new characters were seen on the cover.

One of them, in an orange jumpsuit, could be a new character upcoming on the island, whereas the female character next to him is wearing a familiar outfit that resembles that of the members from The Seven. So this might imply that she is one of the sisters. But rumors don't end there.

So this seems to be the more or less confirmed design for one of the sisters and we'll most likely get a "Shuri" outfit as well!

Next to Spider-Man, the Wakandan Princess Shuri can be seen on the cover as well. This implies that the next Marvel skin that loopers might get introduced to in the next Fortnite season will indeed be Shuri. Unlike the Wakandan king, T'Challa's Black Panther, who was a part of the Marvel Royalty & Warriors Pack, Shuri's skin might be a redeemable skin from comic book purchases like every other.

Comic Book redeemable skins in Fortnite


Epic Games has been actively involved in collaborating, not just with movies and other popular media, but with hard print comic books as well. One such example in recent times was Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point (2021) by Donald Mustard and Christos Gage in association with DC Comics.

The buyers and readers of the six-part comic received an in-game redeemable code with the purchase. The code granted them with an in-game cosmetic item ranging from Rebirth Harley Quinn Skin to Batman Zero skin, which was also available in the Item Shop.

The collection is complete 😤💗🦇 #BatmanFortnite #Batman #ZeroPoint

While several fans purchased comic books from stores and redeemed all codes ethically, the black market wasn't too behind trading codes for players who haven't bought them. Loopers who unlocked all six codes received a special Armored Batman Zero outfit for free.

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