Fortnite's latest collab leak is giving fans major synthwave vibes

Unlike previous 80s collabs, the latest leaks suggest a new synthwave-based collaboration (Image via Epic Games)
Unlike previous 80s collabs, the latest leaks suggest a new synthwave-based collaboration (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite is an ever-evolving Battle Royale that keeps introducing its player community to exciting new content. From weapons to collaborative in-game cosmetics, the game has left no stone unturned when it comes to providing an experience unlike any other.

With its frequent collaborations with other video games, films, TV shows, and other pop culture entities, Fortnite keeps its player base engaged and sees the addition of new players every season. In the most recent Chapter 3, the community has seen a bunch of Marvel and Star Wars collaborations in the form of in-game cosmetics.

However, according to a recent leak, the game is planning to go retro with an 80s' synthwave approach, giving loopers a taste of what it's like to be cool in the neon era.

Latest Fortnite leak offers synthwave vibes

New shop background; "Indigo"

A recent leak with the v20.30 update shows the background of a future item shop. The background is codenamed "Indigo" in the game files right now, and it features a sort of neon, flamboyant disco ball/moon-like structure. The style of the moon, along with its lines and colors, suggests a synthwave-themed item shop might be on the way. It may even contain cosmetics that are either related to the 1980s or the synthwave era.

Here's a better codenames of the encrypted cosmetics:- Armadillo Green/Orange/Pink/Robot (has some sort of Pickaxe detection & Emote detection for the robot one)- Indigo (male & female)- ModNinja (male)

There will likely be several outfits based on the theme with varying and selectable colors. The colors mentioned in one leak are armadillo green, orange, pink, and Robot. Since Robot isn't a color, the term may be related to how a skin might look. Apart from this, the codenames Indigo and "ModNinja" represent the kind of skins that might be a part of the synthwave collab.

Fortnite players want Neo Tilted back after the destruction of Tilted Towers POI

Help Tilted Towers catch a break! Hop in now to complete quests towards Battle for Tilted Towers and clear the area of invading forces.

Ever since Tilted Towers was destroyed by IO forces, the player community has been extremely unhappy with the fan-favorite POI always being the target. The war destroyed a few buildings, damaged the clock tower, and left rubble and craters in the POI.

@FortniteGame Well I can now see Neo Tilted making a appearance

However, ever since the leaks concerning the synthwave-based collaboration dropped, fans can clearly see how the return of Neo Tilted would make so much sense. They speculated that the return of the POI from Fortnite Chapter 1 would probably fit the synthwave collab the game is going for. As speculation continues as to what the future holds, players are nearing the end of Chapter 3 Season 2.

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