Morbius skin to arrive in Fortnite soon, new rumors suggest

Morbius to make his Fortnite debut? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Morbius to make his Fortnite debut? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Is it Morbin' time in Fortnite? Based on the latest speculations, it might be. Of late, Epic Games has been on a hot streak of collaborations. They have brought under their umbrella some of pop-culture's iconic characters. Building upon Epic's current expansion, a probable Morbius crossover might be just around the corner.

Fortnite has a propensity for internet sensations. The latest Among Us x Fortnite collab is an example of this. While Morbius failed to garner any substantial traction in commercial cinema, even after a second release, it did give the internet something iconic. The Morbius Sweep.

Given Fortnite's enterprising proclivity, one cannot discount the fact that something like a Morbius collaboration is plausible. The cynosure of one such enterprise is banking upon a pop-culture relevant entity, and Morbius brings along with him a superfluity of it.

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Its Morbin' time in Fortnite!

For the unversed, Morbius follows the story of Michael Morbius, a character from Marvel's multiverse. The film stars Jared Leto as the Living Vampire. Despite its credentials, the film failed at the box office. It was later re-released, only to meet no significant improvement in sales figures. However, the film was soon immortalized in the form of a namesake meme.

The speculation of a Morbius collaboration started to surface when a Reddit user shared a screen-grab of the PlayStation store. In it, an advertisement for Fortnite can be seen, where the logo is placed upon a green-ish gradient that somewhat follows the color palette of the film.

It was only a matter of time before the community went berserk. News of a possible Morbuis collab spread like wildfire. Online forums were soon teeming with questions and suggestions pertaining to the topic.

Soon, a Twitter handle named STINM4RR_ started posting Morbius-inspired cosmetic items, along with a skin that strikingly looks like Marvel's Living Vampire. The user who posted these renderings claims to be a concept analyst for Epic Games, and suggests that it was them who first leaked the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass.

The user's credentials are based on their Twitter bio and have no concrete foundation.

As of now, the PlayStation store advertisement is the only substantial clue till date. It is, in turn, adultrated with speculation, and the absence of any possible Easter egg or official statement by Epic only renders this alleged collaboration moot. While this speculation might be baseless, the event has mobilized the community, and one person has even started an online petition for a Morbius collab.

Screenshot of the ongoing petition (Image via
Screenshot of the ongoing petition (Image via

Though the crossover seems distant, given the developers' involvement in the community, speculation never fully dies. Epic Games is known for implementing user-suggested actions and community-sourced additions to Fortnite. Some suggestions have taken more than three years to incorporate, hence the speculation does spark hope, no matter how timid.

If the players are lucky and the speculation has a grain of truth, the game might just get a Morbius collaboration for Halloween this year.

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